Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a weekend

With the change of plans due to the sweet weather we had all weekend - I still had a great time with Chloe and Reice. And their parents, Kim and Jeff, had a great time in Atlanta. They actually went to The Sports Factory and had their tri bikes fitted and all of the other sweet services that they offer. Who would have though we would get so excited about something like that? They even did had a class with Amy Kloner who won Gulf Coast last year and is also doing New Orleans 70.3!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

That was the coolest guy in the whole parade!

Little Chloe working on the dough for the awesome pizza we made!

I just hope that when ever I have children they are as great as 'Little' Chloe and Reise!

As I was typing this post - one of my best friends from down here just called...and another one bites the dust. And yes, I will officially be broke shortly :) But I'm so happy Laura and Ross - she deserves the most amazing guy there is, and she found him! Weddings and babies....weddings and babies. But right now for me I'm pretty excited for triathlons, Jason, and traveling in my life :)

Rock of love is on right now. I think a team consisting of Missy and I could soooo take on all of those girls in mud football.


KK said...

So I just read your 25 things post-nice! Love that your trainer is permanently set up and the ice cream while watching Biggest Loser and that you made the Disney Marathon your bitch. And now that I think about it the whole list was good but those really stuck out. :)

Great pictures from the weekend, and that was very nice what you wrote about those kids.

Missy said...

We would totally kill those sorry ass beotches and their fake boobs (and fake hair). My favorite is when one of them jumps up and says brilliant things like - I think I just popped an implant. You just don't hear that every day. And to think, taped in Nashville and I missed it?!!? Finally caught the Biggest Loser too, former models (the crier) - what a baby!

Amy Beth Kloner said...

I am totally HOOKED on Rock of Love!!! It is my crack.

Looking fwd to following your blog. I totally agree with the tri/travel/boyfriend thing. That works for me right now, too!!

Can't wait to meet you in New Orleans. Your friends, Kim and Jeff, were just awesome.

Have a great week!

Sam said...

Its probably a lot cheaper doing triathlons than getting married and having babies. :))
Hope the training for New Orleans is going well!! Can't wait for your race, know you'll be brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the wedding/babies's in the air! Good thing my four legged boyfriend is around to keep me company!

Patricio said...

Looks like u guys had a blast! Mardi Gras is always fun.