Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beach Blast 2008

Today was race day for me - THANK GOODNESS racing season is starting back up after the summer heat stall. Anyway- let me start off my race report with last night. Thunder Beach is starting this weekend - which is when billions of bikers take over Panama City Beach. It's like spring break on crack. Instead of underage horney college students, we have to deal with of age old men that have $$ and are cruising around on expensive bikes. Ugh. Granted I do not live in PCB, but the boyfriend does. Last night I stayed at his place because it was cloaser to the race. Needless to say - neither of us got more then 2 hours sleep due to the constant sound of loud ass motorcycles. Ughghghgh. Why do people think that when they are on vacation they can irritate the people who live there?!?! Why!?!?

Ok - off of my rant.

Got up at about 4:15 (well - already up) and headed over to my friends Lisa's house - packed up the bikes and headed to Mexico Beach for the Beach Blast Triathlon. Got there - weather was a bit chilly. But once the sun came out it was awesome. After we got all makred up with our numbers and set up our transition area, we headed down to the beach. The swim was awesome, hopped out of the water and ran what felt like a mile (and probably was pretty close to it) to the transition area. Jumped on the bike and headed off. The bike course was amazing - back county roads with very little traffic. Probably felt stronger then any bike I've done before. The transition from the bike to the run was pretty quick. Needless to say, the race was overall pretty good. I PR'ed in my Tri Sprint time by 2 min and got 3rd in my age group and got a mug. Go me. Unofficial time 1:30:23

My friend Lisa who did the Olympic distance race cut off about 35 min from her last race. 35 MIN! AMAZING! She's been training for Ironman Florida - and it's paid off!! Go Lisa!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Workout Related

Yeah Fridays!

Monday: 4.5 mile run. Easy pace
Tuesday: Speed work / yoga*
Weds: 7.5 miles (8:30 pace) 3200 swim
Thursday: Woke up to swim at 5:30am - 56 outside. Went back to bed :) Off day
Friday: 4.5 mile run (8:15 pace)
Satuday: Beach Blast Tri!
Sunday: Group ride

Saturday is the beach blast tri in Mexico Beach. It should be a really fun race. There are a few people that I train with who are racing and Jason is coming as well. The weather should be perfect - so it will be a great day!

Yoga*: So, I started a new yoga group. Sharron the teacher is a true 'yogie' and I love it. Relaxing but brutal. I love the stretching - plus it helps me from getting injured!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's been too long

Ok - I'm back in the swing of things again. Here is what's been going on in my life for the past few weeks:

#1 I've signed up for a few triathlons, one being HALF IRON MAN NEW ORLEANS! (go me!)
#2 I have learned how to surf - thanks to Hurricane Ike
#3 My camera broke :(
#4 My training is in full force now - pretty much swimming, biking, running or doing yoga about every day
#5 Officially I can't stay up later then 9:30pm
#6 I'm in the process of possibly purchasing a tri-bike (yesssss....!!!!!)

I'll try to keep on top of this blog thing!!