Monday, March 30, 2009

New Orleans is a knocking!

So you see that little ticker on the right hand side? Do you see how the days are dwindling away? I remember when it said like 180 days! But New Orleans is this Sunday and I'm SUPER pumped for it. This will be my first 1/2 IM, and I know not my last. We have such a huge group heading to the Big Easy to race which just adds to the excitement! Not to mention a bunch of other bloggers who I can't WAIT to have a drink (or many) with!! ( Amy, Melissa) Most likely on Monday I'll be signing up for Augusta and hopefully St. George for 2010! I was pondering the though of Kansas, but, Augusta is a much closer drive :)

***Ok - I just looked at my ticker. It says 35 days or something like that. Hmm... Anyway, the race is SUNDAY! 5 freaking days away!!*****

Tapering. Tapering makes me feel like a big fat lazy slug. The extra time can drive me nuts! But, thankfully I have my parents here to help out!! Sunday I got in around a 5 mile run, yesterday rocked out about 3000 in the pool and today I plan to jump on the trainer since it's suppose to rain. Rain. Ugh. I'm SOOO sick of it. But somehow, with the time off tapering and my parents being in town, more wine then usual has been consumed!!

Tonight one of my all time favorite bands is playing outside at Seaside! Dikki Du Zydeco Krewe is out of New Orleans and just jams out. One of those bands where NO ONE is sitting still. Check out some of their music - I know you'll be shaking your ass in your set!

New racing outfit! Whoowhoo! I'll post some pictures soon!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok. Since my last post - I've learned quite a bit about the Canadian Saying "Bang On". I don't know if it's because I'm so freaking puking positive or that I'm from the mid west - but I see it as a positive saying! Kind of like "awesome job" you can say "Bang on job!" Well according to some of the comments - it could also mean prostitute as well as a head banger. Still. I like the saying :) Thanks Canada!!

So, Hurricane Chloe is still ravaging the gulf coast. Well, it's not a hurricane, and it's not called Chloe. But it's been raining freaking cats and dogs the past THREE days. (I've always wanted there to be a hurricane named Chloe - but I guess that would not be good since I'm a property insurance agent). But this is a good thing because it's making me taper for New Orleans. WHICH IS FREAKING A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!! So pumped. Anyway - I'm stuck on my trainer today. But I'm also cleaning house since mom and dad will be here tonight. That can count as a workout - right? So nothing too exciting going on training wise.

View from our patio

Yesterday was friday and I had a frustrating day at work. No detail needed, but I was so excited it was friday. It was one of those days where at 4:00 I could mentally not work. So what is the cure? Ahhh..a pedicure. Just 45 minutes in the chair can make you a new person. And I picked out a color just because of the name - "Suzie and the Lifeguard". Love it. But I went to a new place - and one look at my toes, the lady said "What do you do to your feet all day?" Whoops. Didn't realize they where that bad :) Oh yeah - a bottle of wine and dinner with Jason helped out
to :)

Like the flip flop tan lines? Oh yeah.

Random Thoughts:

I was going through my 'old pictures' file on my computer and came across this:

I love this picture. It's about 5 years old - my grandmother at 75 and brother at 15. This was taken an my cousins wedding. I don't know what it is, but just kind of captures the moment.

I'm not digging Rock of Love Bus that much anymore since all of the crazies have been kicked off. But remember the Panama City Beach episode with all of the kids? Well, I had dinner with my friend and her daughter who was paid $200 to be on the show! She was the one who was painting the chicks toes. Pretty random.

I hope everyone who is having a great weekend! Melissa, Amy, and who ever else is rocking New Orelans - get excited!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surfing Widow

Yes, there is such a thing. A surfing widow typically goes hand-in-hand with a fishing widow as well. I'll rant about that below...

Today was an early day. After a sweet swim workout yesterday with my new interval buddies - I headed over to Jason's for dinner. Fresh stone crab claws, fresh scallops, and black beans with rice. YUMMO. But when I stay over at big J's on Tuesday night, I have to get up SUPER EARLY to meet everyone for the weds run. So the 4:40am alarm came really early.

Well, I get to Grayton to meet up with everyone, and sure enough I was 15 min early. WHAT?!? How did that happen? I could have slept for another 15 min! Anyway - I decided to do a mile or so warm up. Met up with everyone and got in a little over 7 miles around a 9 min pace. Slow, sweaty, hot, smelling like chlorine miles. Oh well. Every workout can't be banger. (Trying to use my new saying 'bang on' thanks Amy!)

And tonight I made Peanut Butter Powerballssooooo good! Peanut butter and honey goodness!

Anyway - I'm finally downloading some new music on my Ipod. I have done nothing new in that area since August. So if anyone has any suggestions at all to add to my sweet play list - feel free to help me out!!

Once again - my parents are coming in town on Saturday. So excited. Mom and I are going to be taking Fly Casting Lessons from one of Jason's co-workers which is going to be awesome! Speaking of Jason. Surf is up. So that means I am a surfing widow. What did he do after his charter today? Surfed. What is he doing tomorrow all day? Surfing. This commonly happens when the surf is up. I don't mind - I mean if I could surf as awesome as Jason I would be out there as well! But - when I'm at the office..doing office stuff..and just knowing what he's up do I get really jealous. But then again, I guess he's a triathlon widow at times. I'm thinking I need to buy a boat and be a fishing captain so that I can enjoy a day of surfing on a random Thursday!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goggle Drive!

Amy Kloner who just ROCKED OUT the 11Global Tri in Cape Town is putting together a 'Goggle Drive' for the kids she worked with at the swim clinic they put on. Check out this link and donate if you can. She even has a pay-pal link set up - so it could not be any easier. A $10 donation could easily give a child a pair of goggles. Who knows how many doors that could open :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

A heard of dogs

Does anyone elses bath tub look like this?

I babysit sometimes for families that are here on vacation - which fun and the money is not bad either. Well, I had the same kids most of last week. They where super cute, fun, and where in bed by 8:30 with no issues. I'm not one of those babysitters who just 'sit' there. We are either in the pool, at the park, riding bikes, doing on. And about 7 I'll pop in a movie, and by the end everyone is in bed. But Friday was a different story for about an hour. 4 kids - 5,6,7 and 8 years old where on the edge. Tired, cranky, wound up and about ready to blow up. Dinner was outside on the patio since it was spaghetti. Food was starting to be thrown so as I was getting that issue in control - the freaking dog ran into the house. With 5 dogs behind him - two which where wet. Ugh. Control control! Must keep control! Needless to say - I rounded up the heard of dogs out. Kids played crafts and 20 min later a movie was in. Ugh. I was so happy when everyone was asleep.

This weekend workout wise was great. We had a 6am trail run in Grayton State Park at 6am on Saturday. There where 5 of us, and two of us (Fassil and I) who are not that familiar with the trials decided to pick up the pace. Due to our excellent sense of direction, we ended up alittle over a mile more then we had planned, but all in all it was an excellent 11.4 mile run.

We had amazing weather all weekend - so later that morning we headed to the beach. Kim, Jeff, 'Little' Chloe, and Reice met us out at our fav beach access so that we could do a wet suit trial run. Pam in hand, I was ready. The wet suits where cake to put on. After a few pictures, we jumped in the gulf. The gulf was pretty darn cold, but as we looked around we noticed a TON of people in the water! I guess tourists can't feel cold :) Anyway, the swim was great. We didn't go to far, but just wanted to get used to the feeling. Ahhh...I felt like I was floating! I was very uneasy with the whole wetsuit deal for New Orleans. But now I'm more pumped then ever.

Sunday I had the best ride. We all met at Bruce at 7am. The plan was to go about 50 out and back on Highway 20. Burke was set on meeting at 7 instead of 8:30 so that we would be finished sooner. So I had to wake up earlier. Awesome. Anyway - BURK SLEPT IN AND DIDN'T EVEN SHOW! His loss. He missed a sweet ride. But it was Lisa W, Kim, Jeff, Kent, Jeff Ellis, and myself.

View from my car on the way to Bruce

The ride started out with a headwind and freezing!! But we just pushed through. Right when we crossed 79 the headwind seemed to get stronger. For those of you who have done IMFL - you know what headwind I'm talking about. Why is it that some areas are just ALWAYS windy? Anyway - we just pushed along. We got to a point where we could turn around and to around 40 but decided to keep on pushing through. Jeff Ellis was pulling, I was behind him, and then everyone else was behind me. Riding behind Jeff I was in a zone. Just pushing through the miles trying not to lose his wheel. Around mile 34 or so, I turned around and realized that NO ONE was behind us. I yelled a Jeff and we swung around to make sure everyone was ok. Then Kent came out of nowhere and raced by us time trial style. So we just turned around and followed Kent. Our turn around point was a few miles up the road. Once we caught up with Kent, he said the other three wanted to only do 60, so they turned around.

Kim Lisa and I before the Ride

Jeff E and his sweet glasses with Lisa W


Kent "It's too early to smile" Look

So it was me - with these two AWESOME riders. But I felt great! Ready to rock out the last 1/2 of the workout. Thankfully the wind was at at our backs and I was able to keep up with them the rest of the way home. Total mileage (according my bike computer) 68.4 miles at an 18.2 avg. Whoowhoo!

One the way home I stopped at Subway to get lunch. It was full of - yes, they are still here - spring breakers. I got quite a few odd looks with my sweet biking shorts, crazy hair, and compression socks. And there was no way I could have taken off my sunglasses - allergies and wind made them look like I had smoked a bale of pot.

What a great weekend. Next weekend my parents are going to be in town - so that means cleaning this week and transforming our 'storage room' back to the guest room. My parents are so awesome and I'm soooo excited they are able to come down. Lots of wine to be drank! CHEERS!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Swimming, Walmart, and Cobia

I love the people that swim at my pool. I went to the pool yesterday to get in a leisurely 3000 yards. Maybe some 400 repeats, some pulls, IM's, fun stuff like that. After getting in a 600 warm up and a 400 pull, I decided to do 5X100's on the 1:45. First 100 IM, 2nd free, 3rd IM and so on. It felt great. Then rocked out another 400 pull. And then some of the older men who WIN freaking masters events jump in the lane next to me. "Hey Chloe, what are you doing today? Any intervals? Can we join?" What am I going to say? No? "Of course! I'm about to start 5X100 free on the 1:30". Done. "Hey Chloe, what do you want to do next? IM's?" Sure! I'm totally game. I forget how awesome intervals are when you are actually doing them with someone else! 5X100 IM's on the 2:00. Loved every single one of the 100's. I could have stayed another hour swimming with these guys...but I had to be at the most dreaded place in the world. Well, for me. Walmart.

Yes, I had to go to Walmart. I was on my last pair of contacts - which I ripped the day before. So I had no choice. Thankfully the eye place is right when you come in the door. So I was in and out before I had to deal with the Walmart crowd plus the spring breakers. Phew. You know you're Walmart is awesome when it has an AIRBRUSH station right in the front. Anyway, the parking lot was a whole other program. No - I do not want to meet you at LaVela. No, you don't know me from your chem class in Auburn. But I guess I should take it as a compliment that I can still pass as a collage student :)

Jason and I have both been very busy this week. Me with work, training, and babysitting. Jason with trips. Cobia have started to run (Cobia = some of the best tasting fish ever!) - so he's been booked all week and running trips back to back. Needless to say, we've both been going from 5am to about 10pm almost every night this week. So last night, we went to our favorite hole in the wall mexican place for chicken tacos and to enjoy some down time!

Cobia we caught last year....YUM!!!

Natalie, Myself and Paul

Sonny and Jason

Yeah Friday!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!

OK - self edit for Amy :) The movie for 'Where the Wild things Are' one of my fav books growing up is coming out soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Tuesday

So, it's Tuesday. Remember those days in school when it was so nice outside and all you wanted to do way lay in the grass and take a long nap? In college we would just skip class (whoops) and go to the winery. In middle and high school we would just have to grin and bear it. And the same now. Work was really good today (finally) but it was so awesome outside. I'm telling you - going home for lunch, I really had second thoughts about going back to the office. My thoughts where being outside - either on the beach, on my bike, in the pool, ANYTHING!

And it's going to be this nice all week.

It's going to be a hard week to focus in the office :)

But I did get on the trainer for an hour (did not want to fight the CRAZY spring break traffic) and then had an AWESOME 3 mile run at around a 7:15 pace. It felt great. Today was a good day.

Oh yeah. And it's St. Pat's day! I freaking love this holiday. It's the only holiday where you don't have to plan anything, get anyone gifts, or go to a family function. I all you need to do is wear green and go to a bar. Some significant event is going to happen to me on this wonderful holiday. Either get married or have a baby. Big J is well aware of this :)

Quick question for everyone - I'm thinking about jumping on the heart rate monitor train. I have the monitor and everything... But I do need some good websites to get info and figure out where I need to be...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Triathlon Related!!

Ok. I have to talk about this great product. I know you've all seen this 'informational' about the clip that holds your bra straps back when you have one of those crazy strappy tops on. Well - my sister found something close to that at the FREAKING $1 STORE yesterday. Best purchase ever. I HATE wearing strapless bras, and this totally solves the problem for most tops. Get it. Well worth the $5!!

Squids, Flashing, New Shorts, and Rock of Love!!

This past week has been pretty uneventful. Work, train, work, on. But Jason did learn a new skill. Squid fishing. I know - sounds kind of gross. Which actually it is. Squids gross me out - kine of like jelly fish. But they are really cool to look at. Anyway - Jason heard a rumor about a certain spot to throw a cast net and pull in some of these lovely little critters. Needless to say - we had fresh calamari! OMG. It was wonderful. How knew that something that looks like this.....

Could turn into a wonderful treat that looks like this..

When I first started dating Jason - a friend of mine called him 'Salty'. He surfs, fishes, and can turn anything he catches into a wonderful dinner. And I like to drink wine and watch him cook. Pretty darn good couple :)

Yesterday we had another Ride/Run brick up in Bruce. According to my 'spring break license plate review' I think Wisconsin and the university of Auburn are on break this week. The weater was kind of 'iffy' but we said screw it. If it rains, we get wet :) But no rain issues, the temp was perfect and we had a great group show up. So the 50 miler was a great ride and then run felt awesome. I know I say this every time - but for riding less then a year, the rides are starting to feel better and stronger every time we go out for a long ride. I've also been working on my nutrition on the bike as well.

Anyway - some random notes about the ride. Awful car accident. We're not sure what happened, we caught the tail in of the clean up. The cars where smashed and all of the airbags where deployed. A one of the riders husbands drove by shortly after it happened and said that there was stuff everywhere and white sheets where out. Which is never good. Thoughts and prayers are with the spring breakers friends and family. Drive safely everyone!!

On a lighter note - some people where so excited about Panama City Beach, that they just could not keep their shirts on. Man. I hate it when that happens. Ha! Crazies! I guess they are training for the wet T-shirt contest!

Grandma was not paying attention - and almost took out four of us by driving in our side of the lane! Crazy Grandma! If you can't see - you really should not be driving!!

One final note about the ride - I have some new Craft tri shorts! Whoohoo! A bit more padding in the middle area then the Zoots that I have been wearing. So the 'girly bits' where pretty happy on the ride yesterday!

Picture after the ride. My eyes look like I've smoked a few pounds of the green!!

It's Sunday! Guess what is on tonight? Rock of Love Bus! This one is gonig to be awesome. Hello? They are brining in the Ex's! YES!! Drama! You know - my life is pretty drama free. So that is probably why I get sucked into these crazy shows! There is also some new show on after which I'm probably going to be addictied to as well. Ahh. I love Sunday night TB!

New Orleans is knocking on my door! I'm getting so excited! It's going to be so much fun!!! I'll start talking more about that with in the next few weeks!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Huge step... least for me. I love to swim. I've been swimming forever. Triathlons that are wet suit legal - we'll I'm one of the crazy ones not wearing one. Along with the old men in the Speedos. We've all seen them. You know who I'm talking about. Mentally, I think to my self "Come on old man - I can see your butt! Retire the suit from 1980 and get a new one".

Anyway - for New Orleans, I've opted to wear a wetsuit. Mostly because it will be freaking cold. And the swim is in Lake Pontchartrain. So Lisa P. was nice enough to lend me one of hers. I'm pretty excited. Kind of freaked out. This weekend sometime a few of us are going to go for an open water swim in the gulf just to 'get the hang of it'. I just hope I can get it of in transition! We'll see how it goes.

Here is a picture that Gina dug up from middle school volleyball. Ahh..the days when we all had bad hair.

Oh my - and another great 8th grade one. I think Barbara and I where dancing. Nebraska shirt? Wow. How do you like the socks and Nike sandals? That was so the style back then!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally! Beach Weather!

What an awesome weekend! Friday I was all about heading to the pool after work. But after a brain dead afternoon (seriously, I could not function at all!) I decided to meet a few friends over at the art gallery in Rosemary Beach to check out a mural painting expo called The Art Miles Mural Project. Murals are being painted all over the world to promote world peace. Once all of the murals are complete (this is a 12 year project) they will be wrapped around one of the pyramids. It was pretty awesome. And yes, they did have wine. :) And no. I did not see Lance :(

Saturday morning we had a great ride planned. Driving up to Bruce I was a bit stressed out because the sun had not burned off the fog. But once the sun came up - we where good to go. It was the same as pretty much every weekend ride. Lots of guys and just a few lovely ladies. Missy and I just cruised along and got in around 50 miles at a 16-17mph avg pace. I had not seen her for awhile so it was great to catch up. She have a few Ironman and 1/2 Ironman planned for this season (IMKY, IMAZ) - so she's just getting back into the swing of training. It is just so pretty riding up and down through the countryside. One of these days I will bring my camera so share some of these amazing views. And oh yeah, the sweet tan lines are back. I love biking tan lines. They just give my tan such character. (Please catch the scarcasm on that!)

But I would like to throw out this open letter to spring breakers:

Dear Spring Breakers Who Where heading down Hwy 81 on Saturday morning:
Thank you for being our cheering section on our ride. Thank you for cheering us on instead of yelling at us like the snow birds do. We know that you are so excited to start your spring break on our wonderful beaches and that on Hwy 81 when you saw us, you where just finishing up an 8 hour drive. An 8 hour drive that will end up at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world for and a week of drunkenness in Panama City Beach. Have fun. Be safe. Don't trash our beaches. And please don't ask me if I would like to go to a foam party.
Love, Chloe

Sunday we where going to ride again - but waking up at 5am and feeling the allergies kicking in from the day before- I knew that I would not handle it. So I hopped on the trainer for about 2 hours and then ran a few miles. And it felt great. We have not been doing super long runs after our rides, anywhere from 10 minutes to a few miles. Just to get our bodies used to the transition.

But finally the weater has warmed up enough to enjoy the beach! Tom put on a Yoloboard expo, so Jason and I headed over there to paddle around for a bit which was so much fun. I just love taking out the yolo board. Just to be able to paddle around and be as close as you can to nature. Then we just headed down to the beach to work on getting ride of my sweet biking tan lines. Whoohoo.

Random notes:

Rock of Love Bus!! Good episode! But those bitches must have been FREEZING on the beach. And Coyote Ugly? Come on Brett - you could have at least taken them to a classier place like Club LaVela. But next week will be the best - when they pull the Ex's into mix!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Possible Lance sighting..

possible is the key word there. He used to spend a ton of time down here when he was dating Cheryl Crow (she has a house about 4 miles from here). Anyway - a friend that I run with talked to him yesterday. Lance (or the look-a-like) was walking around Rosemary Beach looking for a place to eat and tried to get into my friends office thinking it was restaurant (Rosemary is a weird beach town and that does not surprise me)as my friend was locking up. It took him a minute to realize who he was - but is pretty sure that might be him. Maybe he'll run with us week sometime :) Haha. Anyway - just wanted to share.

Talking about biking - as EVERYONE KNOWS biking is my weakest link. When I'm not swimming after work - I usually hop on my trainer for an hour to an hour and a half and work up a good sweat. And I'm still riding long outside on the weekends. But is that helping or hurting me?

Random Pictures:
What the FEDEX guy just brought me!! whoopwhoop!

Picture of the Very Bradley Bag for Amy Exciting stuff :)

(I'm trying to give a thumbs up for Vera)

My "Easter Egg" racing outfit from Sunday

Happy Hump Day!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Seaside 1/2 Marathon Race Report

Ok - before the race report - I need to throw this in. I was listening to a pod cast while on my trainer today - and they threw in a song called "It's All in Your Head" by Mates of State. AWESOME SONG. Need a new play list - so anyone who has any suggestions - SUGGEST AWAY :)

Ok - back to the report. It's kind of long so bear with me.

Saturday night started out awesome. Went and had dinner with a few of the people I train with - which was a blast. After looking at the weather - we came up with a plan. Lisa is training for Boston right now so she was using the race for a training run - and Frank and I really just wanted to get under two hours. Originally our plan was to hit 1:50, but since the weather was going to be killer we where not sure how it would effect our run. So we just played it by ear. The weather was supposed to be 40 something, overcast, and with BLISTERING 25-35mph wind gusts which help out with the low 30's wind chill. AWESOME.
Here are some pictures from dinner:

Frank's Mom (who I WILL be going to bingo with!)


Frank and Henry

So after dinner - we decided to plant Lisa's car as close to the start line as possible. Somewhere to sit and stay warm! This ended up being the smartest move EVER! The race is about 2 miles from my house - so my sister volunteered to drop me off in the morning. Lisa met me up there in the morning - she ran from the house to get some more mileage in.

Race morning - it was FREEZING. (Please remember, I'm in Florida - we're not used to that kind of cold!) Allison dropped me off at the car around 6am.

Once again - stellar idea. I think at one time we had 6 people + one tri bike in the car. The race started a few minutes late - no biggie. Struggled my way through 1812 people through the first mile. The wind was 'gusting' from the north west. This was an out and back course so the first 1/2 was right into the wind - and 2nd was with the wind to our backs. So I just kept on focusing on the turn around and getting a negative split.

Anyway - got into a good pace and just kept with it. I totally zoned out and just ran. It felt so good. I would check my nerd watch, AKA Garmin, every mile just to see what pace I was keeping and when I needed nutrition. The wind gusts sucked pretty bad at times - but I just kept on plugging away keeping it real with around an 8 min pace. At mile 4-5 I would work on a Tropical Hammer gel and same with mile 9-10. I have problems with inhaling the gel. It kind of makes me want to puke - so I just keep in my hand and work at it until it's gone. That way I'm able to catch a water station as well.

At the 1/2 way mark the great pace I had just felt better. Wind at my back and with a smile on my face I rocked out the 2nd half. It's always fun to see everyone else you know with the out and back races. Before the turn I saw Jim (who ended up beating out a Kona-the one who danced at the finish line this last year- guy and PR'd with a 1:25) and then Karen, his wife (who PR'd with a 1:37), Helen Libby, and another friend Jennifer (who PR'd with a 1:34) and Michael (who ALSO PR'd with a 1:36 as well!). And then on the way back I saw Missy, Lisa, Cindy, Wendy...and so on)

So cruising along with the wind at my back I just focused on the negative split. Around mile 10 I ran into Frank, who, guess what, PR'd as well(!!), tried to get him to run with me for the last three miles, but he was happy where he was. So after that I just opened up. This is where I live and train. I knew exactly where I was and how much further I had to go. Mentally I was right where I needed to be. Feeling incredible, I kept a 7:45 avg pace for the last 3.1 miles of the race. Crossing the finishing line looking like an easter egg with my orange shorts and pink zenzah compression socks, I checked my watch, saw the time, and had a tear in my eye. What an amazing race. Whatever wind! (As Melissa would say) Bring it on!

Chip Time: 1:46:28
Clock time: 1:48:15
Age Group: 10/141
Overall: 218/1812

Did I mention that this race was sponsored by Very Bradley? Yeah. Those bags. When you finish you get one. It's funny seeing all of these manly men carrying around these brightly colored bags. Or when they finish the wife's yelling at them to 'Get the pink one' or get 'Get the blue one'. Last year my whole family ran the race - so guess what a few people got for Christmas? :)

After the race is was so freaking cold - that we didn't hang around that long. We waited for Jim, Karen,Jennifer, and Helen Libby to get their awards and cheer them on - and then it was time to head home!

Helen, Jennifer, Karen, Myself, and Lisa

Karen, Jim, and Jennifer

Helen and her Boyfriend

Frank and I

But later on in the afternoon, a few of us met up for cocktails at Bud-n-Allys to celebrate!

Kent and I with our compression socks on :)

Karen, myself, and Jennifer

What did I learn from this race?
1. Bad weather does not mean you will have a bad race
2. Getting your nutrition down is very important
3. Having a great attitude and a smile on your face can do wonders!

Random thoughts:
Rock of Love Bus was in Panama City and I didn't even know! Ugh! I would have so driven the 20 min to see all of the glory that show has to offer!

Not sure if I'm going to watch Biggest Loser tomorrow. Can't quite get over the marathon thing from last week. If the producers fake that - what else are they faking? I think I'm going ot just go to the pool instead.