Friday, August 15, 2008

Workout Related

So - I'm going to start doing this every Friday. Kind of like a 'review' of my workouts of the week.
Saturday - 30 miles on the bike/3400yd swim
Sunday-Yard work (counts in my book!)
Monday-Off (weather)
Tuesday-4.5 mile run
Weds- Off (weather)
Thursday-Off (weather)
Friday- 8.5 mile run
Ok - this week was kind of off due to the awesome rain we've had down here. Plus I've been picking up a few babysitting jobs after work, so that has been taking up some time.

Not to mention how AWESOME the Olympics have been this year! I've been glued.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ahh..St. Louis

The trip back to St. Louis was great. My family lives in St. Louis Hills - so they are pretty much in the middle of everything. We had such a great time going to all of the little bars and doing all of the 'tourists' things - such as touring the BUDWEISER plant for the 110th time. But it's always fun. My dad wanted to go because it might just shut down due to the buy out. Touring the plant always reminds me of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. People working, big machines, lots of 'do not enter' signs - but lots of goodness being produced every day :)

So - after the tour, we went to Cafe Venice which is right around the corner. The bar it's self is very small - but has amazing random pieces of 'art' all over the walls. Great food, great atmosphere, amazing bands, and a breathtaking court yard. If you are EVER in the St. Louis area CHECK IT OUT! Here is their site: Since is was the middle of the day, the upstairs (aka Safari room) was closed, but since my dad's old frat brother owns the place the cook took us on a tour. Ahhh...what a great day with the family :)
Since the family is full of runners, we had our 'track team' pretty much out ever morning. My dad kept on thinking that my Garmin beeping at every mile was my cell phone - but now wants a Garmin himself :) We ran Forest Park a few times which was amazing and also a few other parks around the house. Love St. Louis. What a great trip home!