Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ironman Florida - tips from a local

So as most of you know, I live in Panama City Beach.  Literally less then a mile from Ironman Florida 'head quarters'.  Anyway - I wanted to throw out a few tips for good places to eat, grocery stores, bike stores, etc. 
(Note that a majority of these places are close to the IMFL start)

FOOD (So Important):
Right by the Boardwalk is Walmart.  Ok - so you know the website People of Walmart?  Well, I think a majority of those photos are from the Panama City Beach one.  Seriously.  Unless you want to go for a good giggle:

I would strongly suggest going to Publix.  It's a great grocery store with fresh produce and pretty much anything you need.  The closest one to IMFL is:
2419 Thomas Dr (thank goodness for Garmins) 
and it's about a five minute drive.  There is also a Win-Dixie right next to it - but I don't think the produce selection is as good. 

Now, if you want to go out to eat - in my suggestion, these are the best places:
The Boatyard
Great food, awesome atmosphere, and amazing view!
Flamingo Joe's
Not the best view - but if you are itching for a killer burger - this is the place!
Pier Park
Chain restaurants (Olive Garden, 5 Guys Burgers, etc) along with great shopping (including a Target) along with a few other great places to eat with killer gulf views
Mellow Mushroom
(located right at the turn around for the 2nd loop of the run)
Great food (including gluten free options) and a killer patio!
Frankie D's Pizza
Best deep dish pizza on the beach
Beach version of a food truck - yummmy healthy, fresh tacos etc

Tri/Bike Stores
They do have a pretty killer expo - but if you want to check out the local shops here are a few:
Freedom Sports
Owned by a great local family (ok - good friends of mine as well) -and they also have a tent in the Spinnaker Parking Lot. Need something?  They have it!
Steve's Bike Shop
Have a bike issue?  They will take care of it!  Need a place to ship your bike?  They'll put it together for you!

So - if you have any questions - let me know!!

Next post - other things to do / places to see post race or pre-race relaxation! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is for your SARAH!

Sarah - this post is for you.  Since you shamed me thing morning when we saw you half way through our run.  :) 
Mid run conversation:
Me:  Sarah!  It's so good to see you!
(sweaty mid run hugs exchanged)
Sarah:  Why have you not updated your blog in like two weeks!?!?
Me:  Because sometimes I just want to through my computer out the window.  
We really need to get together for wine asap!

In NEW BABY NEWS I would like to throw a huge congrats to Jennifer and Jake for bringing another precious baby boy into the world on Friday morning -

I tell you what.  Seeing Jennifer go though labor 'pre-meds' scared the shit out of me.  For all of you mom's out there - holy crap.  That was about a years worth of birth control for me!  But he is so sweet - and looks just like his big brother. 

Also - in other non-triathlon news, Jason 'poked' dinner for us tonight.  Yeah Flounder!
Scuba Steve!

While Jason was working for our dinner - I was lounging on the boat.  Reading magazines, playing angry birds, and working on my tan lines.  

The gulf has been crazy full of marine life lately.  Lots of jelly fish (boo) sharks (boo) and crazy dolphins!  Exactly a mile from my house is a beach access - so we check out the gulf at the end of every run.  Today after Carla and I killed an 8 mile run, we scoped out the beach chairs we want to steal (folks - don't leave your nice beach chairs on the beach!) - just kidding, we don't steal them.  But we want to.  Anyway - we saw over 20 dolphins just flipping around enjoying their day!  Crazy - I have not seen something like that since pre-oil spill!  

Training right now is going stellar!  Two more races left - a sprint and a 70.3 - for this season!  The humidity has backed off a bit and so has the temp.  Ahhhh...fall, I welcome you with open arms!  

I am still working on the Ironman Florida - info from a local - post.  I'm trying to get photos of everything I'm going to talk about, but it's taking a bit longer then I thought.  But I will get all of that info posted soon!  

Happy Training!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ironman Florida 2011 -

I would like to throw out a huge thank you to Chrissy Wellington and the awesome ladies from GOTribal for sending me this killer surprise:

I've had a pretty tough week - and this right here just made my...umm...year?
If you are a kick ass lady who is an ironman or thinking about doing your first 5K - check out the GOTribal site and join!  Such a great way to meet some amazing women!   

Anyway - Ironman Florida is right around the corner.  And as most of you know, the race site is literally my backyard.  So close that a majority of our rides are done on parts of the bike course and almost all of our runs are on the run course.  
So - give me your questions.  Where to stay?  Where to eat?   Where to purchase bananas?  How is the course?  When is the best time to check in?  Etc etc.   Throw them at me - I'm ready.  I'll put all of your questions together in a post next week.  Just shoot me an e-mail at:
kathrynchloe909 (at) 

Happy Thursday!!