Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some Wise Words

Thanks Sarah for the wise words during the Seaside Half Marathon!

So the Seaside Half Marathon was two weeks ago.  A few days before I was able to get my hands on the NEW Pearl Izumi E:Motion  N2's.  (they are pretty hot - right?)
Some people say that you should not race in new shoes right out of the box - you might get blisters etc.  Technically I didn't race in them right out of the box (I wore them around the house and did a two mile run in them)  But I raced in them and they felt FANTASTIC!  They have a few models out, but the N2's are right up my ally.  Keep an eye out for these folks - they are bas ass.  

So I'm not going to bore you with this race report since it's a boring race.  Out and back.  Yep - they really work your for the $115.  But I did PR which I am SUPER excited about. 
The morning was chilly - as you can see by our post race photo.  But it was perfect weather for running.  
(And I did see a lady sporting a full length mink coat in running gear while we were doing our warmup. If I only had my camera!....)

My only goal was to get a 1:45  I did not care if it was a 1:45:49.  Just somewhere a 45 needed to be in my final time.  
Time:  1:45:16
Place:  18 out of 257 people in my age group
Total:  212 out of over 5K people!  
People in the south evidently have a thing for Vera Bradley bags (Since she is the main sponsor) and will walk a half marathon for one.

And I would love to give a shout out to my AMAZING sister who did the race in a 1:59!!!  Way to go Allison! 

But I'm glad to be 100% back into tri training. feels good to be back on my bike and in the pool!!!  

Next post - bullet proof coffee.  Nectar from the heavens that will keep you going all day!