Monday, February 23, 2009

How fresh is it?


Sunday morning we had an AWESOME 10 mile trail run. Parts of the trail where underwater - so I kind of felt like I was on Survivor. Trying my best not to get my shoes too wet as I was hanging off of bushes or whatever I could get our hands on. Everyone who was running is going New Orleans - so we just chatted about that and getting pumped up about the race. And my mom is going to be there! She is so awesome - I'm so pumped she is able to come over for it. She's also going to be volunteering. She's not the type to just sit around and watch a race - she's been a runner for over 30 years - so to see mom 'hanging out' is very rare. So excited!

Jason came back in town yesterday from Louisiana. And with him came a few wonderful pieces of fresh tuna. So fresh that it was caught less then 24 hours before we ate it. Ahhhh..ummmm...yummm. We had a ton of friends over to his house and chowed down on grilled tuna and veggies. It's great to get everyone together. Over the winter several of his friends disperse all over for different fishing adventures - due to the off season in our area. It was a very fun night. With amazing food.

I used body glide as deodorant yesterday. Whoops. That seems to happen pretty regularly. Please tell me that I am not the only one that does that It's kind of like trying to pull a door open - when you should have pushed.


Sam said...

LOL. You're not the only one!!
Have done the BodyGlide thing quite a few times. :)
You're just really really focused on other things like eating yummy Tuna and veggies and training. WHO CAN BLAME YA!

Can't wait to hear your RR from New Orleans. I know you're going to be brilliant!! ( and we'll be cheering you on from afar ! )

MJ said...

That tuna looks awesome! And a huge chunk of it too...

The body glide/deodorant mix-up is a classic - much better than the A535/toothpaste mix-up I enjoyed a few months ago.


Missy said...

That tuna looks killer good! I'm jealous. Nothin like fresh seafood, I swear.

Body Glide, Deoderant, it's all good at least you didn't have chafed pits!

Biggest Loser tonite!!! Let's see if we can get that whiny model to cry:...( Baby....

Amy said...

Really funny about the body glide...I can't say I've ever done it but I can see it happening in the future.

Yeah for your mom coming to New Orleans! And to volunteer to boot, that is so awesome!

(Thanks for all the nice words about my g'ma too.) :)

Unknown said...

I don't keep teh body glide in the same place that I keep deodorant or I'd probably do that too!

Melissa said...

Yummy, that looks like a great piece of fish! You always have posts about doing fun group training events! Can you believe NO is coming up?

I have never done the bodyglide/deoderant mixup, but I did find a box of cereal in the fridge this evening. Oops. I'm sure you're not going crazy ;-)


Body glide as deodorant, you could live with. People may not sit next to you on the bus, but thats not always a bad thing.

Deodorant as bodyglide, that's a different story. You have to live with the friction burns for weeks.

Herrad said...

Great post really got hungry for tuna could almost smell it cooking.

Your mum sounds really cool.

Thanks for popping by my blog.