Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to Miami

I love South Beach. My cousin lives with his girlfriend smack dab in the middle of South Beach, so we walked everywhere. I can't believe how beautiful that city is. So much culture, amazing food, mind blowing shopping, and wine. I love wine. When we got there on Thursday night, it was one of the coldest days on record. So beach time was out of the question.

Anyway, we took full advantage of this amazing city and had a great time with Tim and Adel. French crapes for breakfast, Cuban sandwiches for lunch, and homemade pizza for dinner. Life does not get any better!! And people watching was the best - I think Europeans out numbered the Americans in this area. I love the way everyone dressed and just hearing so many different languages took me back to my time living in Europe.

And I did get one run in :)

So today - back on the bandwagon. Swim tonight - ride on. But it was an awesome weekend break. Exactly what I needed to get out of my pissy rut I was in last week!

Tim and Adel

Allison taking out her aggression on the pizza dough

The. Best. Pizza. Ever. And it was made on a grill!!

My new love - Cuban Coffee.

My sis and I

Ahh..a bowl of coffee from the wonderful French restaurant.

I really can't wait to get back down there - and hopefully it will be warm enough to cruise the beach!

Random Notes:

Rock of love bus - way to go Bret with throwing in the makeover girls!! And I don't know about anyone else - but did the girl with the piercing in her cheeks just kind of go off like a crazy girl on them!?!? And..I wonder if the girl that was kicked off was really a man at some time. Hmmmm..

I could not stand the lady with the 8 babies!! Well - 13. Whatever. But she was on the Today this morning. Anyway - I liked the way she said that her degree will be able to get her a good job to support her kids. I have a few of those (degrees - not kids) and not rolling in the big bucks by anymeans!

Biggest loser tomorrow!


BreeWee said...

Yeah! Right on, Miami is so much fun to visit, like another country there!

Fun times, I love seeing fotos with your sister, makes me stoked to have my own sisters!

Missy said...

I'm so excited for Miami except that I'm going to gain 10lbs, apparently. Sheesh.

Rock of Love - Missed it, thanks for the update!
Biggest Loser - Will miss it tonite, hockey game, blasted.
Lady with Litter of babies - Good luck with that you dumb ass. Irresponsible medicine at its finest.

Unknown said...

Sounds like fun times. I've been to Florida several times, but never made it down to Miami

Amy said...

I hate that lady with all those kids too. HATE. Need to catch up on ROL.

sounds like a nearly perfect trip to time the weather will cooperate.

Anonymous said...

That mom with the 14 kids makes me crazy! UGH! Don't get me started on that Jolie wannabe! :-P

I love South Beach, too. I haven't been there in ages, but you definitely made me long to go back there.

You gotta love all that training your doing that allows you to eat whatever the hell you want! LOL ;-)

MJ said...

you nailed the pizza dough shot.... the chef HAS to be blurry. A+.