Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FINALLY! Tri season is almost here!!

I have been working my ASS off all 'non-tri season' working on my run.  As I've said before, most of it is a mental battle for me.  I've been racing so many road races this winter that I've lost count, but I think they are helping.  Wait.  I know they are helping.  Coach wanted me to 'race myself fast' - and it's paying off.  Anyway, this weekend I have the Seaside Half Marathon which is my last run of the off season.  Now, this race rubs me the wrong way.  Because it's SO FING expensive!  $115 for a half marathon that is an OUT AND BACK!  Yeah yeah, Vera Bradley sponsors it - and you get an uber cheesy bag when you finish.  But $115!  Anyway - it's in my back yard and everyone I train with is racing so I was suckered in.  We will see how it goes!

This is the last time I ran this race - dressed like an Easter egg.  

Anyway, after this race it's FINALLY TRI SEASON!  OMG.  I've been running so much, and I'm totally burned out and ready to get on my bike!  

One of my first races of the season is Rev3 Knox on May 5th!  Now, this year Rev3 is rolling out their  age group race series and Knox will be their Championship race in 2014 (which hopefully I will qualify for!)  So - what is a better way to scope out a championship course then to race it?

Check Kelly Williamson's blog here from last years Rev3 Knox race.  Oh yeah, she was also the winning female pro!  Pretty bad ass.  

So, what races do you have on your schedule for 2013???

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello - this is Rev3 calling

I work in the hospitality service - and I know a thing our two about how much is costs to stay in a high end house on the beach on a four star resort.  Some of our higher end clients appreciate a call from a member of our management team welcoming to the property and maybe discuss some of the events going on the week they will be enjoying their stay.  Half the time we are leaving messages, but guess what? They call back, appreciating the call.  

Now - lets talk about triathlon.  I've been doing triathlons FOREVER - you go onto, pay who knows how much money for nothing tangible at the time.  You might get a few e-mails, but nothing personalized until checking in when you get your bib and racing stickers.  

How would you feel if a member of the racing company called you directly?  Saying 'Thank you for signing up for _______ and we can't wait to see you!' and then discussing other events going on race weekend for you and your family to enjoy?  

Well, that is something awesome that REV3 is doing.  Jonathan gave me a call, thanked me, and then we discussed all of the other exciting events going on the weekend for Rev3 Knox.  He even answered some of my questions.  And I know for a fact that he had NO idea that I was even on the team.  

Talk about hospitality.  REV3 just took it up yet another notch!

Have you not signed up for a Rev3 race this year?  DO IT!  And the handsome Jonathan will give you a call to chat!

Rev3 Quassy has less then 250 slots open - and several other races are still open!  Get in while you can!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goodbye Princess - it was a good ride!

So last year I decided to get a new bike. I love love love the Duchess and she fits like a glove (of course - she's  a Quintana Roo CD0.1!!  ). But the princess needed to go to a good home.  We've been through a lot and she's an amazing bike.  So, almost 10 months of searching - I found her a new home!  

Carmel is new to the tri life - and she's also coached by coach Karen.  Karen felt the princess would be a perfect fit for her.  After chatting with Carmel - I knew I the princess a PERFECT new home!  

Congrats and I know the princess will treat you well!

Carmel also decided to join us for REV3 KNOX!  So pumped.  I can't wait for tri season to start up! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Day Shopping Guide!

Ok gentlemen - the big day is coming up.  Yep - that's right.  VALENTINES day.  Back in the day when me and all my friends were single, we would call it 'FU Valentines Day' and just extremely drunk.  Obviously that was when we were all single, drunk, and AWESOME!  Well - those days have come and gone, and us ladies take this day seriously.  Seriously men - if your lady says 'don't get me anything' it's a test.  And don't fail.

So - here are some of my absolutely favorite things that your swim/bike/run lady will LOVE!

My girlfriend Rebecca has some amazing stuff on this site - in fact, I have one of her sweatshirts on right now!  But the shirts have a fantastic cut that is uber flattering.  She also has some killer coffee mugs (which I use almost every day) and some great bags as well!  And you are supporting an awesome company! WIN WIN!

These products are amazing.  If your lovely lady is a swimmer - the Triswim products will keep her smelling not like chlorine and looking fantastic.  If she is a cyclist - well, the Trislide product is a must to keep her lady parts feeling good after those long training rides.  I've been using these products for quite awhile - and they are awesome.

And for the lady who does not like to write her own swim workouts:

Workouts in a Binder (real creative name, I know)  but I've been swimming since I was eight, and this by far is the best book of swim workouts I've used.  There is a huge selection of choices ranging from focusing on sprints to distance.  And...are you ready for this?  It's WATERPROOF!  I know - best idea ever.

Everything from this site rocks.  You'll have the best looking lady (and happiest) lady on the bike, beach, or just hanging out in this gear:

Shoes are always important - and Pearl Izumi has some of the best.  Their cycling and running shoes are AMAZING.  
Some of my favs include:
 So there you go.  I hope this list helps you on your mission to make your lovely lady the happiest one out there on the big day.  And be sure to tell her that you love her.... :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Views from tonights run

Ha!  I ran into my sister!


All of these photos were taken on the WaterColor or the Seaside properties - I really love where I live and work!  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Devil on my Shoulder

I learned a lesson this year - not to run a race mardi gras weekend in PCB.  My friends always throw an amazing party filled with booze, fab food, and wonderful friends.  Well, talk about dedication, I left at one to head to Tallahassee for a half marathon on Sunday.

My sister enjoying the crawfish!
Like my sweatshirt?  Check out the Peace within website  - lots of AMAZING stuff! 

Yeah - we don't fool around when it comes to good times in Panama City Beach.

Anyway - my friend Matt and I headed over to Tallahassee on Saturday afternoon.  Checked into the hotel and went on quick run around FSU campus to stretch out our legs.  Matt is a huge fan of the Olive Garden.  So we picked up some dinner to go.  Let me tell you my feelings about the 'OG' as we call it.  It's gross.  The service stinks.  And the restaurant in general creeps me out.  BUT I did have some ok grilled salmon with broccoli.  No bread sticks for me!  

Then we just laid around and watched Law and Order SVU (is it just me - or is that ALWAYS on?)
And I spent some quality time with my NormaTec Recovery Boots

We woke up the next morning - and I had a fantastic breakfast (ok - one of my normal go to breakfasts) of full fat plain Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries.  I have found that fills me up and keeps my tummy happy before tough workout days.  Oh yeah - and some coffee.  

We headed down to the FSU circus (yes, they have an awesome circus program at FSU).  The weather was perfect - 49 and just a tad of humidity.  I typically stick with the 20 degree rule.  When dressing for a run - I take the temp and add 20 degrees.  Even though the start was chilly, I knew I would heat up by mile two.  So I elected for shorts and a racing singlet.  

Back to the race - this was just a random race that I signed up for last minute.  My coach wants me to race as much as possible in order to improve my running (both physical and metal).  We had a plan of 5, 5 and 5.  The first Five miles at an 8:10 pace, the 2nd five at an 8 min pace and then the last 5K to give it my all.  I was spot on for the first 9 (if not a little faster) then the mental battles begin.
The last four miles I dropped to about an 8:20 pace and ended up with a 1:47.  My goal was to break 1:45, but I'm happy with my time (saying that I took two weeks off in December getting drunk and married!) But deep down, I know it was the mental struggle that held me back.  

This is something that I have been struggling with for awhile.  I mentally break down the last part of a race.  I know I can do it, but I talk myself out of it.  The little devil on my shoulder is saying 'You are almost there - just back off and enjoy the ride'.  When I want it to say 'MAKE THIS RACE YOUR BITCH AND RUN LIKE A MOTHER F*CKER!'  

So I'm hoping that I'll be able to kick that pussy off of my shoulder and bring out the competitive bitch (which I know I have) out in full force.  My coach gave me a book called Magical Running: A Unique Path to Running Fulfillment (seriously, It's called that) which is filled with fantastic info.  I'm excited to apply the message this book gives to my running!  

Oh yeah - and Matt KILLED IT with 1:20!  

So - do you deal with mental struggles at the end of a race?  If so, how do you overcome them?  What pointers can you share?