Wednesday, December 29, 2010


....I think it ran off with my heart rate monitor.  If you find either one of them, tell them to get their asses home.

Maybe I drank it away last weekend in St. Louis ;)

Friday, December 24, 2010

White Christmas...

Well, it's that time of year again.  The time of year when I head to one of the best cities in the mid west (St. Louis) and hang out with the coolest family I know (my own!).  My whole family is from STL and know all of the ins and outs of what bar has the best music and when.  So last night we ended up at Joe's Cafe.  It's an artists 'studio' and every Thursday night they have wonderful live music...and it's BYOB (just in case you don't know what that is - bring your own beer...or wine).  But it was blast....

my 'little' brother and I

After a fun night of wine and amazing blues music - my mom, dad and I woke up this morning to run the Forest Park Loop.  It's an amazing six-ish mile loop that goes around the zoo, skating rink, and so many other amazing areas.  I love it.  And today was even more amazing - because it SNOWED!  And after the run, we headed over to Kaldis Coffee for coffee and a cinnamon roll. 

If you are in St. Louis - check out one of Kaldis many coffee houses.  They have WONDERFUL coffee and awesome food.  And a great family runs all of them as well ;) 

Thankfully this Florida girl does not have to drive in this mess!!  Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I stole this off of One Twenty Five  (which is a pretty cool blog, check it out) and I just had to share.  Take a moment and read it through.  Pretty inspiring.  Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the Season - Round 3

Christmas is just around the corner!  So here is one more list of 'hints' for those of you who want to get something special for friend/girlfriend/wife who is addicted to swim/bike/run.  They will thank you for it...

For those of you who have stinky, seventh circle of hell, smelling cycling or running shoes - a BOOT WARMER  Big J has one and I laughed when he told me to stick the toes of Satan on them so I wouldn't stink up the house.  He was right.  They'll make those Stinky shoes smell like heaven. 

They will make your household so much happier! 

An awesome shirt from Peacewithin.  Rebbecca is so sweet - and has some wonderful designs.  A dear friend of mine, Sue, hooked me up with one awhile ago (see below!).  And from then on, most of my friends have received a shirt from this site for their birthday. 

Oh yeah, it's nice to add in a bottle of wine as well.  :)

Anyone have babies?  Well, this is the COOLEST gift for someone with a child or a child on the way!  Check out the Trix website.  Once again - several of my friends received this box of goodness on their doorstep.  Really?  How could you go wrong with this?  They also have a great selection of tri-related shirts for grown-ups as well. 

'Swim - Bike- Run- Drool' 

Random Thoughts:

HELLO COLD FRONT!  I dont' remember when it was this freaking cold in Florida.  I woke up this morning to meet Carla for a 5:30am run and saw this:

Yep, I'm one of those people who check their Iphone as soon as the alarm goes off.  Anyway, I run so much better in the cold.  But that cold?  At 5:30?  Layer it up! 

Biggest Loser season finale is on.  After finally seeing last weeks episode, I just have to say way to go Ada!  KILLING that marathon!  Even with a 6 minute bathroom break.....when you need to go, you need to go! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Party - Round one.

Let the fun begin.  Let me begin by saying that this week was complete crap training wise.  I was traveling all week (Sunday - Sunday) for work.  I got in two pretty killer runs - but cut out the 9 miler and 11 miler that was on schedule.  Whoops.  There is only so far I can run on a dreadmill - or run in an area that I have no clue where I am.  Anyway - this week will be another story.

Office Christmas party was last night.  And let me just say that the drive home from Orlando was the LONGEST DRIVE EVER.  Lot's of wine consumed + a few random drinks = a good time.  Until the next morning.  But big J and I are troopers and after several random 'quick naps' at rest stops we where good to go -

The lovely marketing ladies attacking Lance from IT :) 

Detox begins tomorrow.

Random Photos:

I really didn't know they still made this stuff!

Really Ikea?  But I did try to use it, with no luck. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Away from home

So I'm traveling for work all week - and man it's hard to get those long runs in!  BUT there is a whole paycheck (aka wholefoods) not far from where I am now.  I know where I'm going for dinner!

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A run will never....

So, I stole this off of Ben Does Life.  Check out his blog - it's pretty awesome.  Anyway - let the marathon training begin!  
A run will never cheat on you.
A run will never borrow your car and return it with no gas.
A run will never get drunk and throw up on you.
A run will never text in your face while you tell it a story.
A run will never make you work overtime.
A run will never say it’ll be there and then not show up.
A run will never give you an “our servers are over capacity” error message.
A run will never set a drink on your coffee table without a coaster.
A run will never update its Facebook status telling you how wonderful its spouse is.
A run will never leave the toilet seat up.
A run will never get into the express lane with 25 items.
A run will never read over your shoulder on the subway.
A run will never pronounce it “supposebly.”
A run will never use caps lock.
A run will never deal you a 7 when you have 15.
A run will never leave its Christmas lights up until February.
A run will never put an orange and an apple in your stocking to take up space. (I love you mom.)
A run will never charge you a service fee for paying with credit card.
A run will just be there for you and kick your ass when you need it. And when it does, you will thank it.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tis The Season...Round 2

Yep, it's that time again guys.  Another round of sweet stuff to get your girlfriend/friend/wife who is addicted to swim/bike/run.  Really...they want stuff like this they can use.  Trust me. 

Betty Designs.  Kristen is a graphic designer and does mostly custom kits for triathlons and cycling.  But she does have some pretty kick ass items up for purchase on her site.  Check it out - I'm crossing my fingers for a few items with skulls and butterflies to be under my tree!!

Signature Adamo Racing Saddle - pretty bad ass

Please Santa!  PLEASE!  I've been very good this year :)

And for your awesome lady who has completed and Ironman:

140.6 of Awesome.  Yep, I have this pull over and love it.  It's a perfect thickness for this crazy Florida winter weather we've been having.  They also have the t-shirt option as well.

(photo of the back)

And for when you want to say 'I love you' to your Ironlady -

Big Island Jewelers have some amazing pendents and they are very very pretty.  In my mind, diamonds totally trumped ink (and there was no way mom was going to get me a tattoo for my 30th birthday!)

Bridal-Plastie.  I'm pretty sure this is my new reality show to finally replace Rock of Love.  Total train wreck and I love it. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

2011 - What to race?

I'm not a 'holiday hopper' - so right when Thanksgiving is over, I'm able to get into the Christmas mood!  (as you can tell by my last post).  Anyway - I was finally able to put up or Christmas decorations:

I know - it's not a ton, but it works for us! 

I'm working on my race schedule for 2011.  Wanting to race some new races as well as staying with a few old ones to see if I can PR.  But the one thing that stinks about living in Florida (besides snowbirds and hurricanes) are that all the races are grouped together.  There are hardly any races between June and August because it's about 1000000 outside.  So here is what I have so far:

Tallahassee Marathon - 2/6/2011 (already signed up for)
Red Hills (Sprint) Tallahassee - 4/9/2011
St. Anthony's (Oly) St. Pete- 5/1/2011
Gulf Coast (70.3) Panama City Beach - 5/7/2011
Augusta (70.3) Augusta - 9/25/2011
Rev 3 (70.3) South Carolina - 10/8/2011
(see what I mean by grouped together)

Not so sure about the Rev 3 - has anyone ever done one of those?  I would love to try something new.  Plus, Ironman took all of my money at IMFL, I would like to support another 'brand'.  :)  

Also, I'm sure I'll throw in more local Olys.

Random thoughts:
Yesterday we had a high of 76 with 100% humidity - and today?  Well, our house is 55 inside because it's 34 outside right now!  Really?  REALLY???  Oh yeah, and we left all of the windows and doors open last night.  The tile floor was pretty chilly this morning - hence my sweet socks:

I am going to be working on my not so mad cooking skills with all of this extra time I have.  So I'm venturing into 'athlete friendly/simple cooking' blogs and web sites.  So if you have a fav PLEASE share! 

Good luck to everyone who is racing in Cozumel on Sunday!!!! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tis The Season....Shopping Tips...round one

So - gentlemen, this for you.  It's that time of the year.  What to get your totally awesome wife/girlfriend/friend who is a swimbikerun junkie like me?  Well, you are in luck.  I'm in the shopping mood!  I will be posting little 'shopping tips' through out the holiday season.  Since Thanksgiving is here, I can finally get into the Christmas mood. 

I ran across this web site a few months ago - and LOVE these shirts - CHICKED.COM  During IMFL a few guys came up to me on the run and said 'you totally chicked me on the bike'.  Love it.  Here is Ms. Chrissy Wellington holding up one of these awesome shirts at the end of IMAZ.  Photo credit goes to Will  - check out his blog, it's pretty awesome. 

And you can never go wrong with a LULULEMON Hoodie  I have several items by lululemon and love all of them.  If you can not make a decision on what to get that special lady in your life, you can always hook her up with a gift card

How about some awesome sunglasses that she can bike and run in as well as wear out and about?
Oakely Compulsive.  Love them. 

Any questions for round one?  Just let me know :)

Random Thoughts -
Housewives of Atlanta.  Last season I could not stand it - but this season cracks me up!  That lady who did not know how preggo she was killed me!  She makes everyone else seem normal because she's that crazy...and everyone makes fun of her.  Love it. 

IronMissy - Miss you!!  Please post something awesome soon.

It's Thanksgiving - I'm full of turkey, stuffing and wine.  And so Thankful.  Hope everyone had a great holiday! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My sister posted this:
on my facebook page the other day.  She is awesome and I love her so much.  Just wanted to share.

Random Thoughts:
  • I know it's been a while since I've posted, but IM took it all out of me.  All of the training and build up to the race just of pushed me away from blogging.  Now I guess I'm in that 'down' mental state that effects so many people after an IM. 
  • BUT I did sign up for the Tallahassee Marathon in Feb, so I'll start posting more often again real soon.  So just bare with me.  :) 
  • We thought our landlord was putting our condo on the market - and I HATE moving.  But today - we found out he's not.  Awesome. 
  • What are you suppose to do after an IM?  What did you do the few weeks after your race? 
  • Organizing the closets/spare room are on my list this weekend instead of a 6 hour bike ride.  I would much rather have the bike ride this weekend. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The run and post race the run begins.  I was feeling great as I ran out of T2 (not a surprise since it was the first 100 yards or so fo the run).  The first water stop - there was a huge group of middle school guys saying 'It's Chloe!  It's Chloe' - and I was thinking "holy shit, who are these kids?" Then, at the end of the first aid station - there was my mother again!  She told the guys to be on the look out for me.  Next thing I know, I'm running by Club La vela - and see every single family member and friend that I knew as well as Coach Scott.  What a great feeling - to see everyone. 
Nutrition wise for the run - I had one package of shot blocks, my Hammer pills, and a flask of Huckle Berry Hammer Gel (the only flav I can handle). I felt great getting off of the bike, so I was not worried just as long as I kept on taking a few sips of gel every few aid stations.    In T2 I also grabbed my arm warmers and stuck them in my pockets just in case I needed them before I hit the special needs bag.  And I am so thankful that I did.  It was a chilly night in PCB

My brother..rocking the cow bell

The only photo I found where I am not smiling.  :)

For those of you who are not familiar with the IMFL course - it's a two loops that goes through some of the most 'iffy' neighborhoods on the beach as well as the lonely state park.  But they had aide stations every mile that had wonderful volunteers that where more then helpful as well as several random drunk groups of people dressed up.  Specially on surf drive.  I might have to go and hang out with those ladies next year.  (please see example below from last year)

I'm not going to go through too much detail of the run - because I really felt great.  My heart rate was down and my legs and my nutrition was spot on - but this is when the mental part of the race comes in.  The IM is such a different animal then any triathlon.  You can put in all of the training needed and your body will pull you through - but the mental game is something you really can't predict.  I wish I could have 'tv-oed' my thoughts the whole 5.5 hours I was out there running so that I could go back through and analyze it.  But the best part of the run?  Right when I came into the state park for my 2nd loop, the sun was starting to go started to get really cold and my mind was really playing tricks on me I hear "This is just like a training run!" And who was behind me?  Carla and Ron!  I could not be any happier to see those two at that exact moment.  I was dragging ass and really needed a pick me up.    We chatted and caught up to what has happened to us on the race (i.e. Carla's two flat tires!) and how we felt. 

So for the last 5 miles we just jogged along, took in some chicken soup, and tried to get those last miles in.  Carla took off with about two miles left (to get revenge on her two flat tires) and I stayed with Ron for a bit to help him finish up his race.  He was such a great support for us while training - I  didn't want to leave when he needed someone with him.  With about a mile left - I  knew that if I kicked it in just a bit I would get under 13 hours (my goal). 

So I took off.  I can't even explain the awesome feeling going right past the 'final loop go straight' sign and seeing the crowd.  It was loud, crazy and people where cheering.  All of the thoughts and feelings that had been putting  me to sleep for the past 10 months where rushing all over me.  I slapped hands and just had a huge grin on my face running that last 50 yards trying my best to take everything in.  And just hearing 'Chloe Elfrink, You are an Ironman!' brought tears to my eyes.  And who was at the end shoot?  EVERYONE THAT I KNEW.  Man, I love local races.  X was there to catch me and Jason was there to put the medal around my neck.  My whole family was there hugging and congratulating me.    Just the swell of emotion that I felt go though my body was worth every minute that I put into this race.  All of the long weekend rides and getting up at 4:30 in the morning where all worth it.  And I can't wait to do it again. 

Carla, Ron, Me and Coach Scott

Ahh..big J.  What a trooper. 
Goal Time:  4:33
Acutal Time:  5:29 (ugh)
Total time:  12:56:18
I hugged everyone - mom brought me my parka *after an Ironman - have someone there was warm clothes right at the end!* picked up the normal IM after race food (pizza and a coke) and made a beeline right to the massage tent.  No wait?  Awesome.  I was on such a high, all I really remember was the ladies asking me when I last peed and if I was cold.  I was shivering, so they got the idea.  Best massage ever.  My brother and Jason picked up my bags and bike, and we headed home.  I felt great.  I was tired, but who wouldn't be after racing an IM?  :)  

Next and thing that I learned

Monday, November 15, 2010

IMFL - the bike and T2

Thankfully, being a local, we knew what where getting into on the bike course.  Not to many hills and a few turns.  But the wind on Saturday was another story.  Head wind, tail wind, cross wind, you name it - we had it.  There where sections on the course where there would be a break in the trees and I felt like I was on a mechanical bull. 

My goal was to eat every 30 min and consume between 300-350 calories every hour.  Great nutrition = good race.  So I did my best to stay on top of it.  On the 30 I would have 2 small pieces of my homemade protein bars as well as an Hammer Endurance Amino and then every hour I would have 4 or 5 strawberry shot blocks and a Hammer Anti-Fatigue.  I also had two bottles of cytomax and my aero bottle full or water.  Due to how cold it was, I made sure to be very mindful of my liquid intake.  Everything was going well - until the 4th hour.  I was full.  Not overly uncomfortable full, but I new that if I ate anything else I would puke.  And the thought of taking in a few gels...just the thought made me want to hurl.    So I listened to my body -  snacked as much as I could and kept on going.  I had this problem training as well when it came to calorie intake, I can only eat so much.    Having a full tummy and running a marathon does not sounds like a good time.  But I trained with exactly what I had on my bike - I knew that I would be fine.  But I did stay on top of my hammer supplements as well as my liquid intake. 

Around mile 80 - yep, I knew the draft marshalls.  And check out the guy looking for a place to pee.  At least he was planning to get off of the road

At the half way mark - I hopped off of my bike for my and grabbed my special needs bag.  Took a 5 hour energy shot and shoved some whooha ride glide down my shorts, changed out my cytomax bottles and took off.  *I also stuck a small rag in my special needs bag to wipe off my hand after sticking it down my shorts...excellent idea*

Let me remind you that the guy/girl ratio for this race was 3:1.  So there where a ton of men on the course.  Some of them where complete ass holes.  Sorry for the language, but come on now.  All 123 lbs of me is not the best to draft off of.  So I think the man who was sucking to my wheel was surprised when I asked him if he could get any closer....and that he was a jack ass.   Also, boys, if you have to pee - please walk into the woods.  I really don't want to see your junk as I'm cruising past you on the side of the rode.  Old balls.  Gross.  :)

But I could totally tell that all of my time spent on the saddle training was worth it's weight in gold.  I felt amazing and strong the whole time.  It was chilly - but the sun was out which helped me warm up.  I ended up not stripping off anything but my full finger gloves.  Coming back into town felt great - and seeing the fans cheering everyone on brought a huge grin on my face.   
Goal time: 5:50
Actual:  6:03 - 18.49 MPH

I passed off my bike to the bike valet, grabbed my T2 bag and ran into the building.  And to my surprise, I was one of the only ladies in the tent.  I had another super nice volunteer who dumped my bag and helped me change (Thanks again Marni for the baggie tips!) I thanked the volunteer, went pee and was off. *I always bring Always wipes with me - individually wrapped.  You never know when a porta-a-potty will be out of toilet paper!* 

Off and ready for the run...hmm..the run.  I know what I need to work on.  :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ironman Florida - the swim and T1

I woke up around 3:30 Saturday morning.  I ate my normal breakfast - oatmeal with honey, soy protein, almond milk and dried cranberries along with some coffee and a banana.  It took me a good 30 min to get everything down, but I did.  Around 4:30 Jason, mom, and I headed down to the race site.  It was freezing out - probably low 40's.  Dropped off the special needs bags and headed into the boardwalk to warm up.
Cari and I - she just completed Kona - and placed an awesome 3rd in her 18-24 age group in IMFL!!  She is an animal!

Big J and I - Jason looking creepy in his hoodie :)

Coach, Carla and I.  Coach Scott was awesome - he was there all day with our families

Carla and I - bright and early dropping of our special needs bags

Around 6:30 we all headed out to the flat (thank you baby Jesus) beach.  Pros started at 6:50 and age groupers started at 7.

*note to everyone - if you start on the beach and you are trying to meet up with a large group of people, bring a flag.  Jason brought his diving flag - so we where all able to meet up and chat before the start!*

Dad jogged down from my house to watch the start (yep, both of my parents are daily runners!)

We all walked down to the start.  There was a current that was going west to east, so we decided to start pretty far right of the buoys.  That way we didn't have to worry about the current pushing us off course.  This ended up being a great idea.  I pretty much swam right on the buoys, but far enough away to avoid the congestion of red caps.  The men in red caps are all that I saw.  And a few pretty awesome sting rays.  I caught myself pulling a 'Bree Wee' and would breath every 6 to 8 so that I could watch marine life.  Whoops :) 

Anyway - the men where rough and would ride right on top of me or just run right into me.  Come on now boys.  So I would just throw some elbows and a few large kicks.  I'm sure there are a few guys still out there with Chloe bruises on them - specially the guy that kicked me in the mouth and chipped my tooth!  A very small chip - but come on now!   But the temp in the water was perfect and I felt great.  I kept my heart rate down and did not let the random bumps or pushes get in my way.  The tide was falling out, so we had to run a bit further from the shore line to the cross pad before we could start our second lap.  Right when I stood up - I looked at my watch.  30:XX.  Killer.  Pumped.  Excited.  I felt awesome and just dove in and started all over again.  Nothing too exciting on the 2nd lap - just kept my heart rate down, avoided the men, and kept my breathing to every 3 to 6 strokes. 

Total time:  1:06:42
Goal:  1:14

I hopped out of the water, hugged my mom who was volunteering passing out water (Ben, the race director, gave my mom all of the good places to be where she would see me the most) had my wet suit stripped and ran into T1.  Thanks to a tip from Cari - I spent just a few extra seconds under the shower (which was warm) to make sure most of the sand was off.  Sand in the shorts is no good. 

I grabbed my T1 bag and ran into the building.  It was a long transition 'run' but the warm building felt great.  I sat down - and who was right next to me?  Heidi!  Behind me?  Cari!  Other then the familiar faces, there where only a hand full of ladies in the tent.  The volunteer was very helpful and dumped everything  out of my bag.  Thanks to Tri Marni's tip - I put all of my nutrition into a separate zip lock so it was easy to grab.  I normally swim in everything for a race, but since it was so freaking cold out - I had only my shorts and sports bra on so my tri top and compression socks would be dry on the bike.  Something that I threw into my bag as the last second was a chamois - which helped get most of the excess water off of my body.  Excellent idea (remember, Florida is usually never this cold).  With the help of my volunteer I had everything on - including my wool arm warmers (best purchase ever) full fingered gloves, and my ear warmers.  Stuffed my food in my pockets (some down my shirt so it would not freeze)  I thanked my volunteer and ran out of the tent.  And who did I see on my way out?  Carla!  What a great way to start the bike :)

I ran out to my bike - and Carla's brother Scott was at our rack, shot a few photos, and handed me my bike.  I let him know that Carla was a few minutes behind me and was off.

Boys looking all serious - I chicked all of them.  :)

I didn't realize Scott was going to be right there - but I was excited to see him!

I know my helmet looks funny - but with my ear warmers keeping my head and ears warm, I really didn't care!