Sunday, January 27, 2013

Florida Winter

My plan for our wedding was to have the rehearsal and reception outside.  Well, mother nature did not agree with that plan and made December 29th, 2012 one of the coldest days of the year! So we had to move everything inside (Thank God I planned in advance and chose a party friendly location when we booked the wedding house!)

Now, lets move forward to this weekend!  This is what we call a 'Chamber of Commerence' weekend - perfect weather and fantastic blue water:

We all took full advantage of it and enjoyed the fantastic weather!  Anyone up north want to come down and visit?  :)  

Also - Rev3 announced our new teammates!  I am so excited to meet up with these crazy ass people!!  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Working out before work

Sometimes I get really jealous of men. Why you ask? Because it takes them 5 minutes to get ready in the morning! For my job - I can't pull the 'just out of the shower wet hair' look. So when I train before work (which a majority of time is not close to my house) I have to plan ahead to be presentable. And I know I'm not the only one out there! But it can be done - how you might ask? OCD. Just kidding. Kind of.

Luckily my coach lives about 5 minutes from my office - so she lets me use her 'beach shower' to get ready in the morning. But I still have to pack everything the night before. Why? Because I don't want to forget an essential item (bra, makeup, etc) which will totally happen if I pack my crap at 4:30am. So what are my secrets?

I put all of my hair/shower/makeup items in one bag- and all of my shower items in a plastic baggie:

I choose to use the shampoo/soap/conditioner etc from hotels just because it's simpler to carry around mini bottles.  I also keep them in a plastic baggie so 1)  they are separate and 2) if they are wet, they will not get everything else wet in the bag.  

A snapshot of my bathroom away from my bathroom.  Keeping all of my toiletries in a drawstring bag seems to work best for me - also you can spot my breakfast shake (aka my fat shake - thanks to Vinnie Tortorich) to the far right.  I typically make those the night before and freeze.  

It's also important to grab a plastic bag - to put all of your stinky clothes in:

Any yes, keep everything in one huge bag -Keeping is simple is the best thing! 

I don't mind getting ready at random places - because it allows me to swim/bike/run in different areas.  So with OCD planning - you can totally make it work.  Give me 30 minutes, and I'll be ready to roll!  No excuses for this girl!  

Any suggestions you might have?  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So - when it rains it pours

How many people like changes?  I mean like big time holy shit changes?  Well, 2012 was a year of change for me (and all of them being awesome!)

I started off the year doing the most responsible thing that an 'adult' can do.  Bought a freaking house.

Then - Jason and I became PARENTS

The duchess was purchased (aka - my totally kick ass QuintanaRoo)

Decided to take a totally new direction in my life and started a brand new career working for Watercolor Inn and Resort!  

Oh yeah - I GOT MARRIED!
I'm not going to bore you with a ton a wedding photos - but just a few of my favs. I was also lucky enough for some of my blogging/triathlon/Rev3 to join me in this awesome time of my life!

So.  It's 2013.  What kind of amazing changes are you looking into making this year?  Maybe do a race you didn't think you could ever complete?  Whatever you decide to do, make it awesome.  I don't know how I can top 2012 - but I will try my best!