Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dream crushers

Some how carol and I ended up being judges for a crossfit competition. Yelling 'no rep!' at large men is somehow very fulfilling :). Just call us the dream crushers!
(loving this mobile blog!)
Notice my sweet cowbell in hand.  Ready to yell some people on!
Oh - and these crossfit people have awesome taste in t-shirts!

Friday, June 15, 2012

REV3 Rocks

I'm not sure who out there gets Triathlete Magazine.  But if you've looked through the most recent addition, you might have seen a little article talking about the World's Best Races.  And guess who was voted as one of the best races for your first ironman distance?  REV3 CEDAR POINT!  So if you are thinking of what race to do for either your first 140.6 or if you are a veteran, I would totally check out this amazing race.  Seriously.  It's at an amusement park.  Love it.  

Rev3 seriously rocks.  There are so many perks that come along with these races - including the ability to do this:

if I was a parent....crossing the finish line with your kids would be the icing on the cake.

And another huge Rev3 announcement is that we now have Quintana Roo as a team sponsor!!  
I love QR.  I've been riding a Dulce QR (AKA the princess) for the past three years and LOVE IT!  She fits me like a glove and I have had zero issues.  Now, with this opportunity, a new QR might be joining the princess in the bike room!  The QR CD0.1ULTEGRA W

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here in Florida, at least in the panhandle of Florida, there is a halt in Triathlons between May - August.  Number one because it's two damn hot - and number two (I think the real reason) is because of hurricane season.  Anyway - I like to try something different for a month which will help me improve the 2nd half of my season.  And I totally hit the jackpot with CrossFit.  I love it.  It's competitive and very rewarding.  If you are looking for something to keep you active during your off season - try it.  It's also awesome because no matter where you travel, you will find a CrossFit gym too hop into for a few classes.

Looks real fun - right?  When the workouts get tough - I just think about the last mile of a race and to suck it up!

AND they also have competitions!  There is one next week and I can't WAIT to cheer all of my teammates on!  I'm not competiting, but I'm going to bring a little triathlon goodness with a cowbell and signs!  Can't wait.

Remember Carla?  One of my training partners for Ironman Florida?  Well, we had a fantastic baby shower for her:

And what do you get as a hostess gift for a Ironmom?

A bob!!!