Saturday, February 21, 2009

No What?

Not to get political - but how long ago was the election? Um. Yeah. Awhile ago. I was walking across the street the other day and there was an older gentleman who happened to be on the crosswalk the same time with me. He was wearing an Obama shirt. As we where crossing there was a HUGE diesel expedition that roared by us and yelled 'NOBAMA'. Hmmm. In my mind - saying something like that is on the same level as 'my dad can beat up your dad!' to some random stranger! I guess we have some sore losers here in Walton County -gotta love the Red Neck Riviera.

Anyway! I made the Lara bars last night and they where awesome! Super easy and very tasty! I did change it up a bit by using less dates and throwing in some dried cherries and blue berries. And while the 'inner Martha' was calling - my sister, Allison, and I decided to make homemade pizzas for dinner!

We are seriously going to perfect the homemade pizza.

Today we rode long. We met up with about 20 other people this morning at the only gas station in Bruce. Bruce is a small town about 20 miles north of Seagrove Beach. It is such a great place to ride because there are tons of county roads that are nicely paved, have wide shoulders, and very little traffic. And there are also 'rolling' hills - well, rolling and then a few that are pretty darn difficult. Anyway - the group consisted of a ton of roadies along with some triathlon kids. And in that mix 4 of us girls. whoohoo. But everyone was awesome and we had a great ride. Lisa W. and I rode together the whole way which is awesome - and had some of the guys pull us most of the way :) But I felt awesome the whole way - and I'm feeling more and more confident about by biking.

After the ride - we had lunch at the mom and pop place in the metropolis of Bruce. Chicken strips, field peas, corn, biscuits, and sweet tea. Good stuff. For a whopping $6! But a couple, Ted and Theresa, who had just moved into the area ate with us. They where wonderful to talk to and loving the weather since they moved here from Omaha! (It was 60 and sunny this morning). Tom, the husband, actually trained with Team Hoyt! How awesome is that? I am looking forward to training with them.

I just love the wonderful people that I meet in this crazy addiction.

Random note - Lent? Anyone still give up things for lent? We where brough up Cathloic - so my sister and I alway try out best to give up something. Well, this year it's cereal. And buying new clothes. So lastnight I ordered the sweet new two piece from :) And right now I'm eating Cookie Crisp. (no clue who that guys is, but the picture is pretty funny!)

Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

How do you make the lara bars? We have been talking about making some bars at home!

I was raised Catholic and sometimes try to give up something just for the heck of it, or at least cut back. This year, it will probably be sweets :)

Missy said...

I'm excited to try to make some Lara bars. I love them but they're so darn expensive. As far as Lent goes, no, nothing for me. We used to be slick as kids and give up stuff we didn't like. We thought we were so coy.

Anonymous said...

Was this the grilled pizza you told me about on your post? Or are these a baked version? Do you have any new ingredients I could add to my own healthy version? (Sorry for all the questions!--and btw...thanks for the coffee info)

Missy said...

...and we have to wait until tonite!?!? OK, I'm at the pool with no DVR...I expect a full report from you;) Imagine my disappointment after dinner, collected dogs, one husband, two pillows and two blankets, sat down in front of the big screen for the LAST 15 MINUTES. Ahhhh, very disappointing. I love the 2 hour marathon.

Amy said...

Um, I love that picture. I was raised Presbyterian so we don't really have to give up something, though I feel I should.