Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lets Talk about Food

I am very lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend who is a fabulous cook.  And we also take advantage of having the gulf right next to us.  So what was on the menu for this wonderful Sunday evening?  Fresh calamari caught and cooked by Big J himself:

And fresh gulf lobster caught by Ron (my awesome training partner) with veggies and wine. 

This weekend was awesome - and I am very lucky to have such amazing friends (who are also wonderful training partners)  - But that will be another post.  I'm going into a food coma.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I'm going to bed :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's that time of year...

...when the weather is perfect and all you want to do is be outside.  Saturday was probably the most 'perfect' day of the far.  So we started out the day with a nice 'easy' 25ish mile ride.  Our turn around point was Alys Beach - and we totally acted like tourists:

Carla:  What is the gate code to get on the beach?
Chloe:  Try 1234

How do the bikes look on the rack?

Damn you gate codes - keeping us out!

What else happens on nice Saturdays?
Bridal Showers!

Yep - we can clean up :)

So I've been in Jacksonville Beach all week for work.  I've done a few runs (including the Lululemon Run!)  and I even set my bike up on the trainer in the hotel room (talk about dedication).  But tonight something very creepy happened.  I was running along the road that is right next to Jax beach this evening.  It was not dark and there where several people out and about.  I was totally in the zone rocking out to my G Love and Special Sauce Pandora Radio Station knocking out the miles.  Then out of no where some guy ran up to me and said "your ass has been keeping me going for the last mile".  What the fuck.  "Um, thanks I guess" was my response.  He kept on trying to talk to me - and I just sped up.  So my 10 mile run was cut to 8.  Normally I'm all about chatting with other runners - but this guy totally freaked me out.  So thank you creepy running guy for screwing up my run today.  I hope you eat some bad fish and and throw up for the next few days. 

In better news I found the most wonderful store in the world - YOBE  If you have never heard of this wonderful place - you BUILD YOUR OWN YOGURT.  Heaven.  Can't wait to go back tomorrow.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Been there - done that

Except I would probably go just a bit further off of trail....

Bendoeslife brought these old Adidas beauties back to life today.  Check out a few more of these honest adds here  ..the first one is pretty good ;)

Hope everyone is having  a great weekend! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Almost back to normal

So, I'm almost back to normal.  I can now bend over, get up, and get in and out of a car with out having tears in my eyes!  Yeah!  Thank you everyone for the well wishes - and remember to take time off!!!  

 So it's now time to get my ass back on the saddle.  I am so excited.  I've missed the princess and I think she's ready to hit the road again -

Babs and the Princess having one last night out before they start training again.
Not to forget about my new obsession - Crossfit!  I'm looking forward to dragging around a medicine ball again!

Even better - I can't WAIT to rock out my new Trinity gear!  Check out what they are going to have available at the end of March -

Hello CAMO!  I love it.  Northern Florida Girls can't have enough camo gear.  Maybe I can con Big J into getting into triathlons with this....maybe...well, I can at least try.  ;) 

So - does anyone have their races picked out for the season?  So far I'm good until May.  After that, who knows.  But I do want to get in at least 2 more 70.3's.  Man I love that distance.  Since I'll be traveling for work over in the Jacksonville area more often maybe I'll be able to pick a few over on the east coast. 

It's funny because races in Florida seem to be every weekend until the end of May.  June - August, nothing.  It's just to darn hot here! 


Sunday, February 13, 2011

What did you do this weekend?

I don't know about you - but I had an exciting one:
1.  Left the house to congratulate a girlfriend who just got engaged
2.  Bought some plant city strawberries
3.  Laid on the couch
What did I learn this weekend?  Take some time off after an Ironman.  Seriously.  This back issue really stinks.  It has been torture when it has been beautiful outside - and I can't go anywhere.  Specially when I live on a beach mentioned here
Thankfully I'm feeling better then I was - and hopefully with in the next few days I will be normal again! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

So, I finally went to the doctor

I just can not take the pain anymore.  The past few days have been very difficult - since I have never had back issues before.  And today, when my back hurt just sitting in the car, I knew I could not wait any longer.

So, here is the discussion I had with my body as I was heading back into town today:
Me:  So, body, what have we done different in the past few days to injure my back?
Body:  Well, we did just do a marathon
Me:  Did you forget that we trained properly for it?
Body:  Good point.  Lets look at your diet.
Me:  Well, I did treat myself to a fast food burger on TUESDAY. 
Body:  And on WEDNESDAY your back started to bother you!

Problem solved.  No more fast food for me.

I know that sounds crazy - but that worked for me when I had strep throat years ago.  And I didn't eat fast food for over two years.  :) 

I told this to the doctor and he thought I was weird.    But he just thinks I somehow strained my back and gave me some meds.  Hopefully I'll be back to normal with in a week! 

60 Tips

Happy Friday everyone!  I would like for everyone to start this weekend off by reading THIS.  It's a great post that I borrowed from Laura at  Absolut(ly) Fit.  Which one is your fav?  Today, I'm a fan of #28. 

So, I'm now on day three of 'my back hurts like hell and I can't bend over'.  I am feeling better - but I'm on the fence about going to the doctor.  But this sucks.  I hate not being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.  Crossfit this weekend?  I don't think so.  Quick dip in the pool?  Nope.  Ugh.  I will no doubt cherish my flexibility once this pain goes away! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tallahassee Marathon and babies

Ok.  No babies for me - by just would like to throw out a huge congrats to my best and oldest friend Gina and her hubbs Chris for welcoming a perfect baby girl into this world yesterday!  Yeah babies!

One of their amazing wedding photos.

Anyway - quick race report.  The weather was perfect, the course was flat with a few rollers, and the support was amazing.  But I just don't think marathons and Chloe go together.  The first half I felt amazing - 1:57 split.  And then the 2nd half....ugh.  My goal was to get under four - and the way training was going I would be able to hit it.  But instead I rocked out a 4:15 (whoops - I had 5:14 earlier...typo...)...which was a pr by 2 minutes ;)  so I can't bitch to much.  But I did run into some pretty awesome people along the way - including some marathon maniacs....who liked to talk.  Allot.
So I felt the normal pains after - but for some reason today, my back started to scream at me.  I know I am not the most flexible person - but come on!
That is pretty darn sad that I can't reach down any further then that.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 
And yes, that is a lululemon bag behing me full of water bottles. 

And's time to start tri training!  Yeahhhhh!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hmm...what to wear!

So before I decided to post this - I thought about Rachel in It's All About the Outfits You Race In - just the name of her blog brings a smile to my face!  And got me thinking....

It has been a long time since I've done a 'running' race.  Just running.  Nothing else.  So I have no flipping idea what to race in tomorrow.  So please, help me out so I don't look like that 'weird triathlete' that everyone wants to smoke because of what she has on.  But -  I do have to have pockets for nutrition. Pockets are a must.  Also, I've a huge fan of compressions.  So compression is a must as well. 

So, here are my selections -
Option one - my sweet Trinity Multi-Sports race kit.  I love my virtuoso tri top and tri shorts

Option Two - My Hammer Nutrition Tri Top and Tri Shorts

Option three -Hammer Tri Top and Lululemon Shorts.  Not sure about the shorts because I want to compression.

And last - my Maplewood tri top and tri shorts

I will also be rocking compression socks, arm warmers and a hat (hey - it will be chilly for Florida tomorrow!)  I'm kind of leaning towards option two.  I LOVE my trinity kit - but I will be racing all Tri season in that.  Anyway - give me some feedback!

Also, packing for a running race is SO MUCH SIMPLER then a tri.  What?  All I need are my shoes, hat, watch, and nutrition?  My OCD will not be kicking in for this gal. 

It will be exactly three months since Ironman Florida Tomorrow.  So it's been exactly three months since I've raced last.  Man, I'm looking forward for some down time! 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! 

Random question - how do you e-mail people back from their posts?  Ugh.  I can't figure it out! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!  Marathon on Sunday!