Monday, February 2, 2009

Ummm...King Cakes

So - big J came back from 'the end of the earth' and brought home one of my all time #1 tasty treat. I proper New Orleans King cake with vanilla filling. OMG. I almost died. Seriously I still think I'm on a sugar rush. So much so my teeth hurt. But for having it only once a year - I don't mind :) History of a king cake (for those of you who don't know about this wonderful treat!!!)

**And please note - to not eat the plastic baby that is in the cake. Seriously. Who would want to eat a plastic baby??**

Weekend review! On Saturday a group of us met up at Grayton Beach for 2 10 mile loops. We ran the first 7 miles through some of the wonderful state park trails that Northern Florida has to offer. Love it. We ended up rocking out about 9 min pace for around 11 miles. Some of us stopped while others, who didn't want to wake up as early, met up for the 2nd loop. Well, since it is hunting season, the loop two group had to go more towards the bike trail due to some HUNTERS they spotted. I would freak out. This time of the year I usually look like an Easter egg running just so that I don't even closely resemble a deer!

Sunday I met up with Kim and Lisa and did exactly what all three of us needed. A nice 35-40 mile ride with an easy 3 mile run after. It was a great brick to get back into the swing of things. Lisa took some time off after IMFL and Kim has been having some bike issues, and, well, I have just been stuck on my trainer due to my schedule. It was a great time to catch up and get a good workout in!

I can't think of a better way to end a run then at Rosemary Beach!

After the brick, Big J came home and I decided to make some Chicken and Veggie Tortilla Soup form the VO2 Maxxed blog
check it out. It was AWESOME. So we just hung out, ate, drank wine, and watched football. I was a bit stressed out since I did not see the Rock Of Love Bus - but thankfully Melissa filled me in that good old Brett decided not to air due to the Superbowl. Ahh. Relief. I was seriously a bit stressed out.

Just a few random notes:
'New' computer to be finished today!

Biggest Loser is on tonight!

Anyone ever read the book 'Skinny Bitch'? Well, I got the book 'Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven' for one of my preggo friends. I just about died when I saw it!!

Have you just ever wanted to cry at work for no reason? Ugh. I need a glass of wine!


Amy said...

I always want to cry at work for no reason. Which promptly leads me to opening a bottle of wine.

Great brick workout!

(I got here via Melissa in CO). I'm doing N.O 70.3 with her.

PS- where are you from in MO? My husband grew up in Columbia.

Amy said...

Ok, so I just have to say that I really did like the commercial about hitting small animals. REALLY funny. Let's for sure meet up for drinks after the 70.3!!!! Can't wait. Oh, and I'm going to ask Patrick (the hubby) where you're from. I know he knows where that is!

Melissa said...

1) Yes. I have almost cried at work a few times in the past two weeks. Which, like Amy, leads me to either a glass of wine or a Wahoos margarita.

2) What the heck is that cake and why is there a plastic baby inside it?

That's great you got to ride outside with some friends! It's so nice to have fun social rides like that!

Missy said...

OK, now I want cake..all these food pictures are killing me. Glad to hear that Rock of Lerve Bus was on hold last weekend. I was distressed as well. Got your message last nite during BL - Joelle is cookoo for cocoa puffs! She seriously is NOT from here. She has that really glazed over vague look on her face. Nothing she says makes sense. ...and I'm kinda sad she's gone. I won't have anyone to make fun of any longer!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your having a tough time at work. A glass a wine and that king cake should surely raise your spirits. That cake was awesome!