Thursday, February 26, 2009

Surfing, Zen, and 23 mile marathon

So for lent my plan was to not purchase anything other then the necessities. Well, after some sole searching I realized I really don't 'shop' that much. Where I live, there are not a ton of shops except for a bunch of cool little 'speciality' shops where tourists go to purchase a shirt for $50. (suckas) And the only store I really like I get a pretty sweet discount (thanks to the boyfriend). As I was thinking about this I also thought about checking facebook. I grabed my laptop and started logging in. Bingo. Facebook. At work I jump on it when I'm on hold - or if I'm bored at home I'll just search around. Kind of an addiction. So I will not be on facebook until Easter. I'm just hoping that I can pull myself away from the 'network of friends'. But that is what lent is about? Right?

Training has been going excellent. I've been swimming a ton lately and decided to pull back for the next few weeks so that I can focus on the biking. So far so good. I just got in some killer netflix - one being Surfwise and I've also downloaded some killer pod casts from Zen and the Art of Triathlon so I'm ready for some time on the trainer. We also have long rides outside planned for the next few weekends until New Orleans(!).

Running is going well - we have a 1/2 marathon this weekend in my 'hood'. The Seaside Half Marathon. This was my first 1/2 ever last year. And since then I've done 3 others, one full, and a ton of tris. Who would have known? Anyway - we have a huge local group who is doing the race which ALWAYS makes it fun - specially the post party.

Oh Missy - you are going to love this. Per Laura with Absolut(ly) Fit
who is a totally awesome marathoner, the guy who was booted off the Biggest Loser actually lied about doing a freaking marathon. What? How could you lie about that? Biggest Loser producers! How could you? I mean - it kind of irked me about the guy who said he was going to do an Ironman and then threw out some random distances. But to flat out lie and say that you did a whole marathon when in fact the producers "only drove us three miles" per the guys wife - so that they could get the finishing shot they needed. That is absolutely amazing that he lost all of that weight and now is living a healthy lifestyle. But come on now. Check this out.

Last night I had dinner with 'Little Chloe' - my fav 13 year old!!

I am so proud of her - she made the tennis team!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

How fresh is it?


Sunday morning we had an AWESOME 10 mile trail run. Parts of the trail where underwater - so I kind of felt like I was on Survivor. Trying my best not to get my shoes too wet as I was hanging off of bushes or whatever I could get our hands on. Everyone who was running is going New Orleans - so we just chatted about that and getting pumped up about the race. And my mom is going to be there! She is so awesome - I'm so pumped she is able to come over for it. She's also going to be volunteering. She's not the type to just sit around and watch a race - she's been a runner for over 30 years - so to see mom 'hanging out' is very rare. So excited!

Jason came back in town yesterday from Louisiana. And with him came a few wonderful pieces of fresh tuna. So fresh that it was caught less then 24 hours before we ate it. Ahhhh..ummmm...yummm. We had a ton of friends over to his house and chowed down on grilled tuna and veggies. It's great to get everyone together. Over the winter several of his friends disperse all over for different fishing adventures - due to the off season in our area. It was a very fun night. With amazing food.

I used body glide as deodorant yesterday. Whoops. That seems to happen pretty regularly. Please tell me that I am not the only one that does that It's kind of like trying to pull a door open - when you should have pushed.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

No What?

Not to get political - but how long ago was the election? Um. Yeah. Awhile ago. I was walking across the street the other day and there was an older gentleman who happened to be on the crosswalk the same time with me. He was wearing an Obama shirt. As we where crossing there was a HUGE diesel expedition that roared by us and yelled 'NOBAMA'. Hmmm. In my mind - saying something like that is on the same level as 'my dad can beat up your dad!' to some random stranger! I guess we have some sore losers here in Walton County -gotta love the Red Neck Riviera.

Anyway! I made the Lara bars last night and they where awesome! Super easy and very tasty! I did change it up a bit by using less dates and throwing in some dried cherries and blue berries. And while the 'inner Martha' was calling - my sister, Allison, and I decided to make homemade pizzas for dinner!

We are seriously going to perfect the homemade pizza.

Today we rode long. We met up with about 20 other people this morning at the only gas station in Bruce. Bruce is a small town about 20 miles north of Seagrove Beach. It is such a great place to ride because there are tons of county roads that are nicely paved, have wide shoulders, and very little traffic. And there are also 'rolling' hills - well, rolling and then a few that are pretty darn difficult. Anyway - the group consisted of a ton of roadies along with some triathlon kids. And in that mix 4 of us girls. whoohoo. But everyone was awesome and we had a great ride. Lisa W. and I rode together the whole way which is awesome - and had some of the guys pull us most of the way :) But I felt awesome the whole way - and I'm feeling more and more confident about by biking.

After the ride - we had lunch at the mom and pop place in the metropolis of Bruce. Chicken strips, field peas, corn, biscuits, and sweet tea. Good stuff. For a whopping $6! But a couple, Ted and Theresa, who had just moved into the area ate with us. They where wonderful to talk to and loving the weather since they moved here from Omaha! (It was 60 and sunny this morning). Tom, the husband, actually trained with Team Hoyt! How awesome is that? I am looking forward to training with them.

I just love the wonderful people that I meet in this crazy addiction.

Random note - Lent? Anyone still give up things for lent? We where brough up Cathloic - so my sister and I alway try out best to give up something. Well, this year it's cereal. And buying new clothes. So lastnight I ordered the sweet new two piece from :) And right now I'm eating Cookie Crisp. (no clue who that guys is, but the picture is pretty funny!)

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


My sister and I are watching Little Miss Perfect - it's a show about little girls in beauty pageants. And I'm not going to lie - but it freaks me out. These parents are crazy! Pushing these kids to the max! But now that I think about it - I know I've seen crazier parents at any given sporting event or practice. Hmm.

Anyway - we got in a killer group run on weds. Even though it was super humid, we got in about 8 miles on the trails. But I think my nutrition was a bit off because right when I got to work, I felt like death. So after eating a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries - not much better. Scarfed down a banana - and I felt great! I guess my potassium was down. Or I just made my coffee to strong :)

After my little potassium downer yesterday morning, it ended up being one of those days at work. For no reason I just wanted to cry. I just wanted to throw my fax machine out the windsow, kick my computer and unplug my phone. Thankfully Jason knows how to handle me on days like that. So when I got home, wine was chilled and the Ipod was playing great jazz music. And he made fish tacos. That is a staple in our diet - blackened fresh fresh with fresh cilantro, cabbage, and a spicy sauce on a corn tortilla. "Cali Style" as he calls it. I love having a boyfriend who loves to cook. And is good at it!

Tonight was an awesome 3500 in the pool. When I got out of my car is was about 68 outside, and when I jumped out of the pool it was freaking 52!! Talk about a sprint from the pool to the locker room! So I've been searching on for awhile now trying to decide what suit to get - and I think I finally made a decision:

Thoughts? Feelings? I think it's funny - people are always freaked out about sharks in the gulf. And yes! They are there! Just like there are bears in the woods :)

I'm so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY! Hopefully the weather will be nice so that we can get a long ride outside instead of rocking it out on the trainer. I'm also going to attempt to make 'Lara Bars' we'll see if my inner Martha comes out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tower of Chocolate Anyone?

Quick re-cap, this time of year Jason is down 'at the end of the world' Louisiana yellow fin tuna fishing. He's usually down there for a few weeks and then comes home for a few days and then heads back down. Well, he's on his way home today! We're getting pedis after I get off of work, cooking dinner and watching the BIGGEST LOSER! What a perfect evening. This is his first pedi - so I'm pretty excited to see if he likes it or not. Oh yeah - and since this place loves the locals - they don't mind if we bring wine. Ahhh..can't wait!

I got in an awesome swim last night over at Frank Brown Pool in Panama City Beach. I love that pool - it's heated, salt water (no chloriene!) and outside. It's so awesome that by the end of my workout there is just steam rolling off water. Note to self - bring a camera next swim. Anyway - rocked out about 3500 yards which included 4X600's. I know I don't talk too much about my swim workouts - but I love swimming. I've been swimming competivetly since I was 7 and I'm still looking forward to every workout. Plus it's kind of a loner workout. So no real interesting stories to chat about. But I'll work on it :)

I woke up this morning around 5 to meet up with a few other bikers for a ride. Well, it was 39 out according to the weather channel. A bit to chilly for me - specially in the dark. So I opted to hop on the trainer for two hours - netflix came in yesterday so I had a pretty darn good movie selection. I decided on Vicky Christina Barcelona. LOVED IT. No fight scenes, stressful situations, etc - but the acting was awesome and the scenery is breathtaking. Two thumbs up from me!

So UPS delivered this huge box to the office yesterday. It was a freaking TOWER OF KISSES from one of the companies that I deal with. Please note - that I do not like chocolate. But if that little Kiss is filled with carmel. Watch out. There seems to be a massive amount of little rolled up pink kisses wrappers that have appeared around my desk. But the best part was the bottom box had a huge chocolate bar that said "ASI Loves You" on it in pink. I so should have taken a picture - but I gave it to our FedEx guy. But seriously - the tower of chocolate looked just like the picture below - but pink and red :)

Back to the biggest loser. I'm all about the 'former models' tonight. They seem to produce the most drama now that Joelle is gone. And I still think that the models and the purple team are going to rumble. Girl fight on the biggest loser? Holy cow.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a weekend

With the change of plans due to the sweet weather we had all weekend - I still had a great time with Chloe and Reice. And their parents, Kim and Jeff, had a great time in Atlanta. They actually went to The Sports Factory and had their tri bikes fitted and all of the other sweet services that they offer. Who would have though we would get so excited about something like that? They even did had a class with Amy Kloner who won Gulf Coast last year and is also doing New Orleans 70.3!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

That was the coolest guy in the whole parade!

Little Chloe working on the dough for the awesome pizza we made!

I just hope that when ever I have children they are as great as 'Little' Chloe and Reise!

As I was typing this post - one of my best friends from down here just called...and another one bites the dust. And yes, I will officially be broke shortly :) But I'm so happy Laura and Ross - she deserves the most amazing guy there is, and she found him! Weddings and babies....weddings and babies. But right now for me I'm pretty excited for triathlons, Jason, and traveling in my life :)

Rock of love is on right now. I think a team consisting of Missy and I could soooo take on all of those girls in mud football.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

OPG (other people's grandmothers)

Happy Valentines Day!!! Chloe, Reis and I had a fun filled day of swim practice (with a 13 mile run for me), Marti Gras parade, and then making a wonderful home made pizza for dinner! And to top the day off - a bon fire on the beach for once of Chloe's friends! BUT - weather has forced us to change our plans. Rain + lightening = no swim practice which means no long run for me. Also - a good possibility of no parade. But we'll see - if no parade, we'll just go and see a movie and get lost in a book store for awhile :) Anyway - their Grandmother called this morning to wish everyone a happy Valentines day, even me. I love talking to other people's grandmothers - and she wanted to talk to me to #1 make sure that I was taking care of her fav grand kids and #2 because she's never talked to another Chloe besides her granddaughter.

Back to Valentines Day - remember back in the day when you would hear a 'slow song' and day dream of slow dancing with the crush you had at that time? Then the daydream would extend into a longer version of how the two of you would kiss, get married, have tons of babies...blah blah blah. You know you did!! I would day dream constantly of David Ditmar. He was my first super huge crush back in 6th grade. We would be 'going out' and he would give me tons of sweet bracelets from Ocean Pacific (OP all the way!) which was awesome because we lived in Michigan at the time and DREAMED of living on the warm beach. We would hold hands on the bus and then go sledding on the golf course that we both lived on. I miss those days. When ever I hear the song 'Die With Out You' by PM Dawn it's like I'm right back in Michigan again!

Anyway, since it's raining and cruddy out - I think the Kids and I are going to start up a 'triathlon' blog for their family. It will be awesome. I'll share the link as soon as we have it up and running!!

Eat lots of cookies everyone and share the love :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Great way to start the day..

Burk and I met up this morning to do our usual Friday morning run. But today was pretty easy since 1) Burk has a marathon on Sunday and 2) We where the only ones running. Usually we have 10-15 people. So that meant one thing - Easy run! Whoohoo! Being the corny person that I am, I brought my camera. Here are some views from our run around the crazy town of Watercolor.

Also - small rant: Why does all of the crazy stuff seem to happen in Florida? Another child missing? WTF?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am going to have kids this weekend.

I'm finally out of my FUNK! Yeah! This week has been full of nothing but awesome workouts. And the best was this morning. I met up with three amazing bikers and got in a great ride. To be honest the bike still freaks me out. I think it's because I've been swimming and running for oh...20 I'm all about those two great events. But the bike is a whole new element that I'm just getting used to. BUT day by day - I'm feeling more and more confident and today was a huge booster for me. My bike and I are going ot be BFF's by the end of the month.

(Yeah - I'm kind of afraid of that)

That reminds me - I really need to name my bike. I have friends family members who have dogs for a few weeks before they decide on a name. Just to see what the personality of the dog is like. One time it went a bit to far the name of a friends dog just ended up being GD - Girl Dog. Anyway - I need to name my bike. Possibly after the long ride on Sunday - or I'll get some assistance from the AWESOME kids I get to watch all weekend!!

Yes - I will be watching two of the coolest kids I know this weekend. Some friends of mine who I train with, Kim and Jeff, are going to Atlanta this weekend and asked me to watch their kids, Chloe and Reece. Chloe is an amazing 13 year old who is such a fun girl and not to mention an amazing triathlete (and her name is pretty sweet as well - it's not too often you have two Chloe's in the same room). Reece is an awesome 9 year old who is equally as fun and is a very talented swimmer. Plenty planned from swim practice, to a mardi gras parade, cooking, and if the weather agrees kayaking. It is going ot be such a fun weekend!

Kim, Chloe, Missy and I at Chloe's Bat Mitzvah

March is coming up - and that means one thing at the beach. Spring break. Usually the condo and my sister and I live in magically turns into a hotel. Which is awesome! The only thing that we ask of our guests is that they take out the trash. And cook dinner at least one night :) I love it spending time with friends and family from home! BUT the downer is - is that they are all on vacation - and I still have to get up, go to work, get my training in etc. It's specially hard when my mom is here - massive amounts of wine consumed :)

But we so scope out Panama City Beach when pretty much every single crazy drunk college student has taken over. For some reason - I get a KICK out of it when guys come up to me and ask what my major is. I'll have to think of some awesome ones for this year. Open to suggestions!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What! No internet!?!?

Work was awful today. Our Internet went down around 10am and never came back up. So much work just looking at me - laughing. What do you do when 90% of the work you do is on the Internet - and it's not there?

May do something like this? (I know it's long, but it's pretty darn funny. Specially if you've worked in a cubical)

I really home the mediacom man pulls through and gets everything up and running tomorrow! I can't take another day of organizing.

Here are a few more pictures from Allison's and my road trip to Miami :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to Miami

I love South Beach. My cousin lives with his girlfriend smack dab in the middle of South Beach, so we walked everywhere. I can't believe how beautiful that city is. So much culture, amazing food, mind blowing shopping, and wine. I love wine. When we got there on Thursday night, it was one of the coldest days on record. So beach time was out of the question.

Anyway, we took full advantage of this amazing city and had a great time with Tim and Adel. French crapes for breakfast, Cuban sandwiches for lunch, and homemade pizza for dinner. Life does not get any better!! And people watching was the best - I think Europeans out numbered the Americans in this area. I love the way everyone dressed and just hearing so many different languages took me back to my time living in Europe.

And I did get one run in :)

So today - back on the bandwagon. Swim tonight - ride on. But it was an awesome weekend break. Exactly what I needed to get out of my pissy rut I was in last week!

Tim and Adel

Allison taking out her aggression on the pizza dough

The. Best. Pizza. Ever. And it was made on a grill!!

My new love - Cuban Coffee.

My sis and I

Ahh..a bowl of coffee from the wonderful French restaurant.

I really can't wait to get back down there - and hopefully it will be warm enough to cruise the beach!

Random Notes:

Rock of love bus - way to go Bret with throwing in the makeover girls!! And I don't know about anyone else - but did the girl with the piercing in her cheeks just kind of go off like a crazy girl on them!?!? And..I wonder if the girl that was kicked off was really a man at some time. Hmmmm..

I could not stand the lady with the 8 babies!! Well - 13. Whatever. But she was on the Today this morning. Anyway - I liked the way she said that her degree will be able to get her a good job to support her kids. I have a few of those (degrees - not kids) and not rolling in the big bucks by anymeans!

Biggest loser tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Old Pictures...

I just had to put these up. My Grandmother is 'down sizing' so when my sister was there last week, she gave her a ton of old pictures. And I've come to realize that I am a spitting image of my mom :) And the picture of my mom and dad, looks exactly like me and my brother. Old pictures are the best.

Also - on a random note:

For those of you that watch Biggest Loser - I'm so happy that Joelle got kicked off. When she talked, I felt as though a teacher was lecturing me. Very stressful. But I do feel bad for her partner. She is going to come back looking like a new woman!

I'M GOING TO MIAMI THIS WEEKEND!!! My cousin lives right smack in the middle of South Beach. Super pumped. Little Havana better look out. I'm on a plantain and Cuban Sandwich mission!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ummm...King Cakes

So - big J came back from 'the end of the earth' and brought home one of my all time #1 tasty treat. I proper New Orleans King cake with vanilla filling. OMG. I almost died. Seriously I still think I'm on a sugar rush. So much so my teeth hurt. But for having it only once a year - I don't mind :) History of a king cake (for those of you who don't know about this wonderful treat!!!)

**And please note - to not eat the plastic baby that is in the cake. Seriously. Who would want to eat a plastic baby??**

Weekend review! On Saturday a group of us met up at Grayton Beach for 2 10 mile loops. We ran the first 7 miles through some of the wonderful state park trails that Northern Florida has to offer. Love it. We ended up rocking out about 9 min pace for around 11 miles. Some of us stopped while others, who didn't want to wake up as early, met up for the 2nd loop. Well, since it is hunting season, the loop two group had to go more towards the bike trail due to some HUNTERS they spotted. I would freak out. This time of the year I usually look like an Easter egg running just so that I don't even closely resemble a deer!

Sunday I met up with Kim and Lisa and did exactly what all three of us needed. A nice 35-40 mile ride with an easy 3 mile run after. It was a great brick to get back into the swing of things. Lisa took some time off after IMFL and Kim has been having some bike issues, and, well, I have just been stuck on my trainer due to my schedule. It was a great time to catch up and get a good workout in!

I can't think of a better way to end a run then at Rosemary Beach!

After the brick, Big J came home and I decided to make some Chicken and Veggie Tortilla Soup form the VO2 Maxxed blog
check it out. It was AWESOME. So we just hung out, ate, drank wine, and watched football. I was a bit stressed out since I did not see the Rock Of Love Bus - but thankfully Melissa filled me in that good old Brett decided not to air due to the Superbowl. Ahh. Relief. I was seriously a bit stressed out.

Just a few random notes:
'New' computer to be finished today!

Biggest Loser is on tonight!

Anyone ever read the book 'Skinny Bitch'? Well, I got the book 'Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven' for one of my preggo friends. I just about died when I saw it!!

Have you just ever wanted to cry at work for no reason? Ugh. I need a glass of wine!