Monday, August 31, 2009

YES! Internet!!

I have not been connected for a few days now. But finally the Comcast guys pulled through and our internet is up and going! And I'm not going to lie - but I have never paid for inernet. Ever. I've always lived in condos that either #1 it came free or #2 made friends with the neighbor who had it. But Jason and I have taken the big step and purchased our own connection :)


So much has happened since I've last blogged! We're all moved into the new place and loving it. New job starts tomorrow. LeeAnn and Eric got married. And I've started training again!

I'm going to take a moment and express my love for Delta. Hour delay from the beach to Memphis. No biggie except I had an hour delay in Memphis to catch my flight to Kansas City. When we landed - my connection was taking off. The very nice lady at the counter (really, she was nice) said that I 'might' be able to make it on the KC flight the next day...flying stand by. WTF. I had mani's and peddi's with the other bridesmaids at 11 the next morning in Kansas City. So what did I do? Rented a freaking car and drove from Memphis to St. Louis, stayed at my parents, and then drove from St. Louis to KC with my sister. And made it in time for the pedi's. :) But Delta refused to refund me anything - even though it was their fault.....but I'm flying Delta tomorrow Orlando, so hopefully I can get something out of it.

So much to talk about - but for now I'm just going throw out a few pictures from the wedding which was amazing and perfect in every way. Congrats again to LeeAnn and Eric!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cha Cha Cha Changes....

I know I've been behind of reading blogs as well as updating my own for the past few weeks - but a ton of changes going on in Chloe's World. All of them are pretty darn good.

With in 48 hours I was offered a position with a new company (whoohoo!) found a new condo with Jason (alright!). I've been kind of stressed out those things for the past week - so once I was offered the position and signed the lease - ahhhh...relief!

The new position is a great move with in the insurance industry with an excellent company. I will be traveling quite a bit around Florida and dealing face to face with agents. Also, it does not hurt to have a company car... a really cool one that I can throw my bike in. (hello hotel trainer sessions)

But I am looking forward to getting a schedule again and getting my training back on track. So due to this new job - I will not be able to do Clarmont 70.3 next month. Thankfully living in the Sunshine State - there are other races to choose from. But this job also throws in another obstacle with my food. I usually eat every two hours - anything from fruit, almonds, yogurt, etc....

So a question to the readers - anyone have any good tips on eating healthy on the road/hotels? I'm big on making my own 'healthy' bars that travel well - so PLEASE share any good ideas you might have!!

Random thoughts -

There is one good thing about hurricanes! Surf. Jason is heading over to Jacksonville this weekend to take advantage of all the goodness hurricane Bill has to offer!

LeeAnn is getting married this weekend! I can't wait to see all of my Kansas City friends! But my closet is seriously looking like the 28 dresses closet. Anyone needs bridesmaid attire? I have plenty to share!

I'm getting so excited for everyone who is going IMKY a week from Sunday! If you have your number - please share so that I can stalk on my computer!

Also - I'm still trying to decide on a new bike. OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS! For those of you females - can you tell the difference between a regular tri bike and a female specific?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear Jim Cantore

It's not that bad out. Really. It's not. I turned on the weather channel this morning and it seemed all of the Sunday morning weather guys where having mini orgasms (sorry to but it that way - but I can't help it!) They where so giddy about Claudette (which was not even considered a tropical storm at 6am) as well as Bill and who ever else is brewing up in the gulf.

But Jim - come one now. Stop making it look like it's a freaking cat 4 when it's just a tropical depression. You're scaring the tourists :)

My mom came down from St. Louis to not only hang out on the beach and spend time with my sister and I - but she also moved my sister back to the midwest. I miss her terribly - but she has decided to go back to school to be a teacher. So I went from a full house - to an empty condo. Kind of - hmmm..well, lonely. But it won't last long - big J and I found a great place on the bay which we are going to be moving into over the next few weeks!! Anyone need a place to crash for IMFL!?!? We have room!

Bidezillas? I know some of you have to watch it. It totally stresses me out to watch - come on rock of love! I need you in times like this!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

If you bike.... have to watch this. It cracked me up. Thanks Michael!!

Happy Thursday!

Friday, August 7, 2009

So I got a box in the mail...

...and I opened it up to find this goodness:

I am so excited that Garmin is my new sponsor and is so thoughtful to send me a large amount of the new Forerunner! Yeah right. I wish!

You know those great new Garmin ads you see in all of the running and triathlon mags?

Well, an amazing and VERY talented friend of mine put those ads together. Tiffany is so talented - and an great friend. We go WAYYY back - like middle school when we all had awful hair and braces. Middle school - what a weird time. Anyway - I order watches in bulk through her for all of my tech nerd tri friends. And unfortunately - none of the goodness in that box is for me :( I'm keeping it real with my trusty red Garmin until it passes way. Check out Tiff's site - she does some amazing things.

Also - talking about AMAZING people and a huge inspiration - check out the short video below. A training buddy of mine fought prostate cancer last year and won. He's going some amazing things right now - including freaking IMFL! Cancer is so scary and can effect anyone so take a minute and cheer him on!!

Random picture of the day - this REALLY freaks me out. I kind of want to cry just looking at this.

Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

It really does exist!!!

Driving down the road today on my way to Karen's for a run and dinner - I saw it. I was chatting with my mom and I guess just kind of hung up on her to get this great picture for proof..that it really does exist!!

After the stealthy paparazzi move - I called mom back. Poor mom. She thought I had gotten into an accident :) But I just had to get this proof that the 1982 limo with the bike rack does exist.

Anyway - last weekend was nuts. Lots and lots of rain. Whenever the weather man says rain, here in Florida we know it's going to be around somewhere. But we just didn't expect it to be a mini hurricane. On Saturday we where going to try to get in a long ride - 70 or so miles. A few of our riding crew where going to meet us since the wanted to get in 100. Well, Karen decided to pretend like she was on a BMX bike and jump over this beauty of a rut in the road:

Please note that the pictures do not give it justice. Robert rode out the next day to snap this shot - but on Saturday it was about 7am, dark, rainy, and lots of traffic on the side of the road that is open. And the rut is about a foot deep. We have no clue how she made it over with only getting 2 flat tires and landed gracefully. But she was pretty shocked after she thought about 'what could have happened'- so thankfully her and Jim headed home. We where all very thankful that she was ok. And after hanging out with Lisa, Paul and Robert at the super creepy hotel in Ebro - I headed home as well. It was just too rainy and decided to ride on Sunday.
Sunday was just as bad, but we kept it close to home and got in about 50 miles and then a hot ass run afterwards. Why is it that it's cloudy and raining on the bike - but on the run it's 10000 outside and sunny? Oh well - I just ran with the tourists who had just rolled out of bed and smelled like a bar.

Has anyone seen the TV show on A&E called obsessed? It's really...ummm...well, it's kind of creeping me out.

Random Race - has anyone done the ING Miami marathon? Possibly a Boston qualifier?

Happy training everyone!! XOCHLOE