Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tower of Chocolate Anyone?

Quick re-cap, this time of year Jason is down 'at the end of the world' Louisiana yellow fin tuna fishing. He's usually down there for a few weeks and then comes home for a few days and then heads back down. Well, he's on his way home today! We're getting pedis after I get off of work, cooking dinner and watching the BIGGEST LOSER! What a perfect evening. This is his first pedi - so I'm pretty excited to see if he likes it or not. Oh yeah - and since this place loves the locals - they don't mind if we bring wine. Ahhh..can't wait!

I got in an awesome swim last night over at Frank Brown Pool in Panama City Beach. I love that pool - it's heated, salt water (no chloriene!) and outside. It's so awesome that by the end of my workout there is just steam rolling off water. Note to self - bring a camera next swim. Anyway - rocked out about 3500 yards which included 4X600's. I know I don't talk too much about my swim workouts - but I love swimming. I've been swimming competivetly since I was 7 and I'm still looking forward to every workout. Plus it's kind of a loner workout. So no real interesting stories to chat about. But I'll work on it :)

I woke up this morning around 5 to meet up with a few other bikers for a ride. Well, it was 39 out according to the weather channel. A bit to chilly for me - specially in the dark. So I opted to hop on the trainer for two hours - netflix came in yesterday so I had a pretty darn good movie selection. I decided on Vicky Christina Barcelona. LOVED IT. No fight scenes, stressful situations, etc - but the acting was awesome and the scenery is breathtaking. Two thumbs up from me!

So UPS delivered this huge box to the office yesterday. It was a freaking TOWER OF KISSES from one of the companies that I deal with. Please note - that I do not like chocolate. But if that little Kiss is filled with carmel. Watch out. There seems to be a massive amount of little rolled up pink kisses wrappers that have appeared around my desk. But the best part was the bottom box had a huge chocolate bar that said "ASI Loves You" on it in pink. I so should have taken a picture - but I gave it to our FedEx guy. But seriously - the tower of chocolate looked just like the picture below - but pink and red :)

Back to the biggest loser. I'm all about the 'former models' tonight. They seem to produce the most drama now that Joelle is gone. And I still think that the models and the purple team are going to rumble. Girl fight on the biggest loser? Holy cow.


jen said...

Hi Chloe, just came across your blog. Congrats on your first marathon and good luck with your 70.3! I did my first last year and loved it.

I'm drinking some wine right now waiting for Biggest Loser to start... I think we'd get along quite well! Enjoy! :)

KK said...

Holy crap, 4x600s? You are hard core. Nice work!

I'm with you on the chocolate-solo I could leave it, but with caramel it's game on!

MJ said...

I have to say I was glad to see Shanon go.... "WAHHH WAHHH - I can't do it without my MAAM"


Hope your night was good!

Missy said...

There was more damn crying on that show last nite!!! BYE Shanon, glad she's gone...but what's the deal, no one is actually playing the GAME. They're just voting however the team asks them to. Next week will be the switch up and Bob cries. WTF? Glad Ron and son made it, I was worried, you just can't hate them....I want to but I can't.

Amy said...

Fun workout and day! Did Jason link his first ever pedicure? I have tried to get Patrick to go but he won't. How awesome that you could bring wine too!

I heart chocolate so I'd be in big trouble in your office!