Thursday, February 26, 2009

Surfing, Zen, and 23 mile marathon

So for lent my plan was to not purchase anything other then the necessities. Well, after some sole searching I realized I really don't 'shop' that much. Where I live, there are not a ton of shops except for a bunch of cool little 'speciality' shops where tourists go to purchase a shirt for $50. (suckas) And the only store I really like I get a pretty sweet discount (thanks to the boyfriend). As I was thinking about this I also thought about checking facebook. I grabed my laptop and started logging in. Bingo. Facebook. At work I jump on it when I'm on hold - or if I'm bored at home I'll just search around. Kind of an addiction. So I will not be on facebook until Easter. I'm just hoping that I can pull myself away from the 'network of friends'. But that is what lent is about? Right?

Training has been going excellent. I've been swimming a ton lately and decided to pull back for the next few weeks so that I can focus on the biking. So far so good. I just got in some killer netflix - one being Surfwise and I've also downloaded some killer pod casts from Zen and the Art of Triathlon so I'm ready for some time on the trainer. We also have long rides outside planned for the next few weekends until New Orleans(!).

Running is going well - we have a 1/2 marathon this weekend in my 'hood'. The Seaside Half Marathon. This was my first 1/2 ever last year. And since then I've done 3 others, one full, and a ton of tris. Who would have known? Anyway - we have a huge local group who is doing the race which ALWAYS makes it fun - specially the post party.

Oh Missy - you are going to love this. Per Laura with Absolut(ly) Fit
who is a totally awesome marathoner, the guy who was booted off the Biggest Loser actually lied about doing a freaking marathon. What? How could you lie about that? Biggest Loser producers! How could you? I mean - it kind of irked me about the guy who said he was going to do an Ironman and then threw out some random distances. But to flat out lie and say that you did a whole marathon when in fact the producers "only drove us three miles" per the guys wife - so that they could get the finishing shot they needed. That is absolutely amazing that he lost all of that weight and now is living a healthy lifestyle. But come on now. Check this out.

Last night I had dinner with 'Little Chloe' - my fav 13 year old!!

I am so proud of her - she made the tennis team!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is crazy about The Biggest Loser! I caught the mess about the ironman distance, but this is a way bigger deal. Oh biggest loser, why do you have to lie to me?

I'd definitely try out Brett's muscle confusion stuff for trainer workouts. hop off every 30 minutes or so and do some squats/pullups/pushups. It is an awesome way to break up the workout and get in some great core work.

Melissa said...

No way. No frickin' way. They lied? ugh, I'm so disappointed. I love that show and I gave the guys some extra "oh that's so cool" claps last night. But I did wonder b/c the clock at the finish said something like 5:30 (running time) but then the show said he did it in 3:5something. The sassy part of me thought "no way" but I gave up being mean for Lent so I kept my mouth shut.

Good luck with giving up can do it!

Can't wait to meet you ...oh in about 38 days :-)

Unknown said...

lots of people seem upset about the biggest loser marathon-gate. i don't watch the show, so i don't really know what was said or not said, but 23miles does not equal a marathon

MJ said...

I don't think he ran 23 and drove 3.2.... the time is still too good. I think the 17 sounds about right.

That's "reality" tv for you.... I bet there's tons of crap that doesn't really happen or happens differently and gets re-enacted.



Biggest Liar!!

This S#^t really pisses me off. I am sure most people watching at home had no idea that the guy didn't finish the entire race. Anyway you look at it, its misleading and IMO cheating.

I recently read a magazine article about an actress/fitness model/triathlete who had published all these races she won. When I went to the race result websites, I couldn't find her name anywhere.

I'll have to do a post about that some time.

Missy said...

BL totally jumped the SHARK and I am pissssed. I actually don't think I'll be watching any longer...even though I love to watch big people lose tons of weight. That just really pissed me off. I saw Laura's stuff and started reading up. It just diminishes the hard work that everyone else did.

At least I still have the Rock of Love bus:)

Chloe said...

Oh Yes Missy - we still have old faithful. And I really doubt any of those girls will be doing a marathon anytime soon!

Missy said...

Yeah, those tits won't hold up to the pounding of a marathon fo sho! hahaha

YOU should totally do the 5K swim. With your background, why not? Consider it training. From what I'm seeing in previous results, you could even win a prize. I love hardware. What about the 5K in Miami, mmmm? April 25 doesn't conflict with that little calendar on the sidebar...

jen said...

What??? That is such BS! Between Blaine and Dane they are a bunch of phonies. I was totally impressed with the finish time too! Ugh. That IM comment from a few weeks ago was super annoying as well. Wtf.

Good luck this weekend!! Sounds like a fun race.

Judi said...

ok, not watching BL anymore.

Amy said...

I don't watch TBL but I can't believe he lied! That is soooo annoying. Can't wait to hear about the race! Congrats again for PRing. You're going to ROCK N.O!!!