Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's nice to have awesome friends

Awesome friends who have bike OCD! I suckered Geoff (my p90x partner in crime) some free babysitting for a bike cleaning! Geoff knows his stuff when it comes to bikes - and now the princess looks like she's spent a month at the bike spa.  Since before she looked like she's been rolling in the mud!

And Geoff also has some pretty awesome baristas!  

Needless to say - Geoff's wife and I sat there and chatted while he cleaned the princess.  BUT I did learn a ton.  Would it be bad of me to put a 'bike cleaning stand' on my wedding registry?

PS - I did this post on my Iphone.  

Random Rant.  Spring breakers are starting to appear.  Scooters that go 20 mph do not need to be on a street where the speed limit is 55mph.  Don't worry.  I'll break out my photography skills though out the next 5 weeks :)   
I just figured out how to blog from my phone. This is awesome. And how to post photos. iPhone - you always amaze me!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Shimmer Suit

There is this magical suit out there.  So magical it's powers have not only made times fly off of time trials, it will also direct a copious amount of compliments from strangers and even help raise money for cancer!  What is this amazing suit and where can I get one?  (is what I'm sure you are asking yourself) 

They are only the new totally awesome REV3 shimmer suits!  We have been patiently waiting on pins and needles for these bad boys to be delivered.  And they are now available on the REV3 site!  I love fun suits (the small things get me excited) and this is hands down the coolest one in my arsenal.  

And you are probably wondering how this suit can raise funds for cancer.  And you are aware - some of the crazy (and awesome) Rev3 family are running across America to raise money for cancer (feel free to click on the link on the right to donate!) And there is a pretty awesome contest going on which involves the shimmer suit.  Check out  Laura's Blog to catch up on the craziness!  

Now.  If this crazy ass weather would stop so that I can get to the pool!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Triathletes

Valentines Day is right around the corner.  Back in the day - when I lived with all of my girlfriends in Kansas City - we used to celebrate 'F*ck You' Valentines Day.  This was a day where we would go out that night and get wasted.  Super wasted.  So wasted that we would take the  following day off of work.  But now?  One glass of wine would knock me out thanks to IMTX training (I'm such a cheap date)

Anyway - this guide is for the men (and ladies, feel free to forward this post to your significant other) and what to get this year for your fab swimbikerun lady whom you love oh so much.  And what is the best way to show her then get her something that she will LOVE (and use!)  So put that cheesy stuffed devil down and check out the ideas below -

No explanation needed.  This top rocks.

2.  And you can't forget about the matching Betty Designs Signature Tri Shorts

3.  Tired of that wonderful chlorine aroma that seems to take over and totally turn off that romantic feeling?  Well,  I have the product you need to get for that special lady -
TRISWIM!  SBR Sports offers some AMAZING hair and body products that will keep her smelling wonderful and looking fantastic (no green hair!)  And guess what?  They are running a special till the end of the month!  Check out their site!

4.  LULULEMON  Seriously.  You can't go wrong with anything on this page.

5.  Food.  If your lady is like me (and Heidi) and they are killing some high value of training - you can never go wrong with food.  My preference for special occasions is filet and veggie goodness.  And wine.  Yummo.

6.  A sweet REV3 swimsuit.  I prefer the two piece (assists in muting the amazing tan lines we've all came to know and love)  But the colors rock and it's always fun to have wording on the butt of your suit!

So there you go.  A simple solution to make that wonderful triathlete love of your life a VERY happy lady on this special day!  And trust me...she will appreciate it! 

I also think you will enjoy the kickback from making her happy.  ;)  


Friday, February 3, 2012

Views From a Run

Coach said to run some 'hills' in my schedule for Thursday.  Then he said 'you might have to get creative'.  So, after thinking and searching, this was the 'hill' I came up with in St. Augustine:

Yep - that bridge (aka - coastal Florida hills) does look long and boring.  (And it is) But I also had some wonderful views along the rest of my route:

Don't forget the awesome discount code from my last post for TRISWIM posted below!

Holy crap!  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No more green hair!

So.  All through my elementary/middle/high school years I always had a light green tint to my hair and a lovely chlorine smell to - well - everything.  And no, it was not some weird phase, it was all of the chlorine from the countless hours I spent in the pool.  Most of the time an indoor pool - which meant mega chlorine.  Well, SBR Sports has an AMAZING line of hair products/body gels/lotions that get that wonderful smell out (yeahhh!!) and keeps your hair nice and normal!  Whoop whoop!  I've been using their TRISWIM products for the last month and have fallen in love.  And now you can too - with a sweet discount! Through the month of February (get it - for Valentines day) get 20% off with the code below!!!:

Go to their SITE and heck out their amazing products!

In training news - IMTX training is kicking my ass.  Long rides in nasty, sandy, windy Florida winter weather.  But I'm not going to complain to much - there is no way I could do a four hour ride on a trainer!  A huge kudos to those of you up north!   

Bring on the sand and nasty roads:

Bring on the harsh winds that make my face hurt and freeze snot to my face (and glasses, and fingers....):

I'm already past the early mornings when I'm happy I at least grabbed a clean kit - but matching might be another story.....

BUT at least I grab the right suit:

Have to love some Rev3 Goodness!

My nutrition has been spot on.  I've been eating lots of fruits and veggies - and so far my body is loving every bite!

Happy training everyone!