Saturday, January 31, 2009

Single Saturday

With my sister still in Missouri and Jason still fishing at the end of the earth (see below) I have a single Saturday. A day all to myself to do as I wish. We have a 10-20 mile group run and then nothing planned. I want to try to make it to World Market over in Panama City. Yes, Panama City and not Panama City Beach. I have no clue why they opened a World Market all the way over in the PC mall. Worst idea ever. I'm sure 75% of the people who live over there have no clue what it is. Anyway - I need to make it over there before it closes. (I know, I'm so positiive it makes you sick).

I'm also VERY exited about my 'new' computer. I've been using my sisters Macbook for a while since my dell has been unreliable. Nothing against Mac's, but I still have issues figuring some things out on it - plus it's my sister's so I don't want to load all of my pictures on it. Anyway, my good old Dell laptop would freeze up for no reason the past few months which was VERY frustrating when I was online. So, some local collage kid stopped by my office to advertise his computer fixing skills. Sweet. Needless to say, my 5 year old laptop is going to be as good as new on Monday. Celebrate!!!


Missy said...

It's always weird to figure out what you're 'supposed to do' when you're by yourself - no boyfriend/husband, sister etc. A good time to 'think.'

Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe! Denise (mutual blog friend, rundmt turned me onto your blog)and I had to chuckle...Biggest Loser is also my guilty pleasure. It actually was the reason I decided to blog my own fitness journey! Also loved reading your 25 random comments...did that on facebook myself recently. Good luck in New Orleans!