Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Party - Round one.

Let the fun begin.  Let me begin by saying that this week was complete crap training wise.  I was traveling all week (Sunday - Sunday) for work.  I got in two pretty killer runs - but cut out the 9 miler and 11 miler that was on schedule.  Whoops.  There is only so far I can run on a dreadmill - or run in an area that I have no clue where I am.  Anyway - this week will be another story.

Office Christmas party was last night.  And let me just say that the drive home from Orlando was the LONGEST DRIVE EVER.  Lot's of wine consumed + a few random drinks = a good time.  Until the next morning.  But big J and I are troopers and after several random 'quick naps' at rest stops we where good to go -

The lovely marketing ladies attacking Lance from IT :) 

Detox begins tomorrow.

Random Photos:

I really didn't know they still made this stuff!

Really Ikea?  But I did try to use it, with no luck. 

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