Monday, November 15, 2010

IMFL - the bike and T2

Thankfully, being a local, we knew what where getting into on the bike course.  Not to many hills and a few turns.  But the wind on Saturday was another story.  Head wind, tail wind, cross wind, you name it - we had it.  There where sections on the course where there would be a break in the trees and I felt like I was on a mechanical bull. 

My goal was to eat every 30 min and consume between 300-350 calories every hour.  Great nutrition = good race.  So I did my best to stay on top of it.  On the 30 I would have 2 small pieces of my homemade protein bars as well as an Hammer Endurance Amino and then every hour I would have 4 or 5 strawberry shot blocks and a Hammer Anti-Fatigue.  I also had two bottles of cytomax and my aero bottle full or water.  Due to how cold it was, I made sure to be very mindful of my liquid intake.  Everything was going well - until the 4th hour.  I was full.  Not overly uncomfortable full, but I new that if I ate anything else I would puke.  And the thought of taking in a few gels...just the thought made me want to hurl.    So I listened to my body -  snacked as much as I could and kept on going.  I had this problem training as well when it came to calorie intake, I can only eat so much.    Having a full tummy and running a marathon does not sounds like a good time.  But I trained with exactly what I had on my bike - I knew that I would be fine.  But I did stay on top of my hammer supplements as well as my liquid intake. 

Around mile 80 - yep, I knew the draft marshalls.  And check out the guy looking for a place to pee.  At least he was planning to get off of the road

At the half way mark - I hopped off of my bike for my and grabbed my special needs bag.  Took a 5 hour energy shot and shoved some whooha ride glide down my shorts, changed out my cytomax bottles and took off.  *I also stuck a small rag in my special needs bag to wipe off my hand after sticking it down my shorts...excellent idea*

Let me remind you that the guy/girl ratio for this race was 3:1.  So there where a ton of men on the course.  Some of them where complete ass holes.  Sorry for the language, but come on now.  All 123 lbs of me is not the best to draft off of.  So I think the man who was sucking to my wheel was surprised when I asked him if he could get any closer....and that he was a jack ass.   Also, boys, if you have to pee - please walk into the woods.  I really don't want to see your junk as I'm cruising past you on the side of the rode.  Old balls.  Gross.  :)

But I could totally tell that all of my time spent on the saddle training was worth it's weight in gold.  I felt amazing and strong the whole time.  It was chilly - but the sun was out which helped me warm up.  I ended up not stripping off anything but my full finger gloves.  Coming back into town felt great - and seeing the fans cheering everyone on brought a huge grin on my face.   
Goal time: 5:50
Actual:  6:03 - 18.49 MPH

I passed off my bike to the bike valet, grabbed my T2 bag and ran into the building.  And to my surprise, I was one of the only ladies in the tent.  I had another super nice volunteer who dumped my bag and helped me change (Thanks again Marni for the baggie tips!) I thanked the volunteer, went pee and was off. *I always bring Always wipes with me - individually wrapped.  You never know when a porta-a-potty will be out of toilet paper!* 

Off and ready for the run...hmm..the run.  I know what I need to work on.  :)


Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

What a great race report...I can't wait for the rest. LOVE the pics!!! So many memories for me. Thanks so much for posting. Congrats again..what an amazing race you had!

Jason said...

This is a great race report. I'm excited for the remainder of the report.

Unknown said...

Great job on the bike and your pics are GREAT!! You look so happy and fresh :)
Some great tips in here too! Oh and I just LOVE HHRG-gooood stuff.

I'm ready to read all about the run!!


It is all about the bike!! I had a few lookers at me but I always held the 3 bike lengths and used some as pacers for a minute or so. If I didn't pass 1050 people (literally) I might have wondered about me. If they kept that stat I'll bet I won. Oh and someone your size might only need 250 cal per hour. I think you had too much in the tummy.

Bill said...

I can relate to your eating issues on the bike. I think it's the biggest issue to figure out in IM. I also agree with you about the drafting. Why do guys do this? Is it rule ignorance or lack of character?

Kim said...

Great RIDE!! Sounds like you did everything right and really thought it out - awesome!! The pictures are really cool too.. now, how do I get these baggie tips from Marnie??? Are they on her blog?? humm.. only a marathon to go!

Christi said...

Great race report and thanks for the tips! I am keeping track for that day when I finally jump up to that distance!

Now bring on the run!

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

i had people try to draft off me too! i just slowed down and done and yelled GO! so f---ed up! We should be the drafting BIOTCHEs next year! We'll hunt those same guys down! hahah payback sux!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice biking. I am surprised of the a-holes drafting!!!! Seriously?!?!

Just think, one more gel block and you could have had a pukie award along with your ironman finish, I cant think off anything better to cap the day off with, just saying ;-p

Judi said...

old balls = gross. :0)