Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mental Break and being TAGGED!

So I babysat a four year old this evening. He was an awesome little kid who was FULL of energy. And what to you do with a ball of energy? Go to the park and play NINJAS! It was awesome. We beat out the bad ninjas with our lassos (jump ropes) and saved Cinderella. Then we went home and watched Ninja Turtles. But the funniest part was - was that he kept on farting. Then go (In all seriousness) "excuse me - I have gas" A+ evening in my books!

Ok. I was TAGGED by the super Kristen from "Will Run For Wine" - (LOVE THAT NAME!)

The rules are:
1. Fill it out
2. Change one question with one of your own
3. Add an additional question
4. Tag 3 other people to do the same

1. What are your current obsessions?
Triathlons, fishing, learning how to cook new things. Trying to at least.

2. Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?
Flip-flops - hands down.

3. Last thing you bought for yourself?
My sweet new K-Swiss tri racing shoes

4. What’s for dinner?
Pizza with the 4 year old. And then batman fruit snacks. YUM.

5. Say something to the person who tagged you:
That it is awesome you keep track of your workouts so well! Keep up the awesome work - and I wish I could do Bikram yoga weekly :)

6. What is one item you could not live without?
Contacts. I would run into walls. Seriously.

7. Vacation spots you must visit before you die?
Panama and back to Tuscany. I really want to go to Panama to see Jason surf his butt off!!

8. What is your most immediate short term goal:
To get my ass out of bed a 5 and run 10 miles in the morning

9. What are you reading right now?
Alice, Let's Eat! (shhh...I stole it out of my sisters room)

10. What is the last movie you saw and enjoyed?
Pineapple Express! Thug life.....ha!

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Ben and Jerry's. Pizza. Crapes. White wine. Any order.

12. What’s your favorite smell?
The wonderful wild flowers that are blooming right now. LOVE the smell when I run in the morning.

13. What is your fav trashy reality TV show?
USED to be Rock of Love Bus - but then he picked the Penthouse Pet. Boo. And it was Biggest Loser - but then they lied about the marathon. So I'm keeping it real with old faithful - the new New York show on VH1! Don't let me down VH1!!

14. Favorite Quote?..ok. I have 2:
"If only we'd stop trying to be happy, we could have a pretty good time"
"I used to be snow white...but then I drifted" LOVE IT!!

16. Whats one thing you can't go a day with out doing?
Talking to my mom...I know. Corney. But she is awesome.

17. What do you have an addiction to?
Ahh...Cuban coffee in my french press. I can not function with out it!!

18. Whats your favorite holiday?
St. Pats Day!! You don't have to get anyone anything or go to a family function. Just wear green and go to a bar!!

19. How many pairs of shoes (not just running) do you have??
Maybe 20? I've down sized since I moved to the beach :)

20. Tell us one random thing about you.
I have not dyed my hair in 5 years. Some french guy dyed my hair Jessica Simpson blond (which looked AWFUL on me) and I literally cried in the chair. CRIED. So I've lost all trust in colorists. But to be honest - I kind of like my natural color :)

OK - tagging three people:

Charisa Wernick
Melissa from Melissa's Ironman Journey!



Amy said...

Loved your post. Aren't kids so funny? That is priceless about the gas. Ha.

Melissa said...

Hahaha. I love the gas comment too! At what age does that stop being funny, because I'd love to use that line sometime. Nice-n-simple.

Have you been to Panama? I got to do a surfing camp there a few years ago and it was sweet! With the exception of the hooker-hotel we stayed at for two nights. So worth it though!

Great post! It sounds like you and your mom are really close, that's so special (I mean that seriously, not in a sarcastic manner).

Keith said...

I miss Florence. I want to stroll in the evening to go for Gelato.

Missy said...

OK, we were separated at birth and I still haven't done my tag from Kristen yet...Pineapple Express was the last movie I saw too and then #13. we already know we're on the same page there.

BTW, just holler when you get married on St. Pats. I'm totally in - 'hey, who's the weird chick that nobody knows?!?'

kristen said...

Sounds like my kinda kid. Only he actually says "excuse me" instead of, "what?" after he rips one.

White wine - no wonder your teeth are so pearly. I'm a red girl. Black coffe and red wine - my teeth don't stand a chance. Plus, everybody knows I'm drinking wine because my mouth turns purple three glasses in. I wish I liked white.

And you do have beautiful hair.

sian said...

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We admire your blog – you seem to have a similar dash of fun and excitement - and we’ve included you in our 'link love'.

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KK said...

LOL at the batman fruit snacks. Love it!

Nice list-I love flip flops too. And I just got a subscription to Cokking Light to force myslef to try to cook more. Keep us posted on your culinary adventures-I'll need some advice.

Anonymous said...

Fun post. I talk to my mom pretty much everyday too!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

HAHAHA At least he had manners by excusing himself.

Steve Stenzel said...

#2? That makes me assume that you don't wear underwear. Because wouldn't you wear underwear more? Yep. You're always "commando." At least you are in my mind. Creepy? That's my middle name.


Have a great weekend!

Patricio said...

That was fun to read... interesting facts.