Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Daddy's

YOLO races have started! Whoohoo! Yolo (you only live once) are stand up paddle boards. So much fun. One of the guys I run with started marketing this a few years ago in our neck of the woods - and it's taken off. Anyway - once a month they have YOLO board races with teams of four in random places around the SOWAL area. It's so much fun....and the eye candy! Love it!

So myself and three other lovely ladies that I train with are team Big Daddy's Buns in the Sun (sponsored by Big Daddy's bike and surf shop) We rocked out 4th for the 1st race last Thursday. So many people show up to cheer everyone on - it's a great way to spend a Thursday night!

Anyway - here is how my weekend went:

Saturday AM - Gulf Swim/Run. The water was not very clear due to all of the rain what we've had - but it was a good swim. Minus my arm getting grazed by a pretty pissed of jelly fish which left a pretty sweet mark. And then we ran part of the Gulf Coast/IMFL run course. Hot as hell. But it was a good run.

Saturday Afternoon - fishing/working on getting rid of my sweet biker tan lines. THEN Big J and I chowed down on some crawfish and wine. Can you think of a better way to end the day?

Sunday Morning - 50 mile ride. Ugh. I had a good fight with the wind. But I ended up winning. Team testosterone took off and left me hanging to fight the wind alone for the last 15 or so miles of the ride. Oh well. It was still a good ride.

Sunday Rest of the Day - QUALITY TV time with Big J on the couch. As anyone seen Nitro Circus? Awesome show! Those guys are crazy!!

Random thoughts:
Thunder beach was this past weekend. I HATE thunder beach. 60K bikers come into PCB and do nothing but make a ton of noise with their huge souped up 'I have a small penis so look at me' motorcycles, drink beer, and keep me up all freaking night. So glad it's over with. It's like spring break on crack. College kids have nothing on these guys. (PLEASE NOTE that I don't hate bikers by any means - just when there are 60K of them in a

Is ANYONE doing Florida 70.3? Anyone?

Gulf Coast Anyone?

SNOOP DOG on Saturday!

This guy is awesome:

This guy kind of looks like Matthew McConaughey:


kristen said...

Yolo looks like fun. Sounds like a great weekend. Good mix of workouts and relaxation.

Thanks for the Matthew look-a-like. I want to have his babies you know. (The real one, not the look-a-like)


Oh how I miss Crawfish and Shiner Bock!

Missy said...

Screw GCT, I want to come down for yolo races!?! How fun and, um, 'pretty.' I am so very sad that I will miss GCT AND Snoop Dogg this year. What a combo - spring break for triathletes and D-O-double G?

Missy said...

p.s. Working IMFL again, eh? Getting registered for next year, I assume, right???

Word verification - nutfir - hahaha, what's a nutfir?

Chloe said...

How did you know :)

Keith said...

Jellyfish??!! There are jellyfish in the water? You're trying to *encourage* people to visit and you tell us about jellyfish? Other than that, oh, and the big person on the bike, it looks like a blast.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Looks like a blast and crawfish to top it off!!!!

Tilghman Carroll said...

Getting excited for GCT! email and we can grab a beer after the race!

Please refrain from talking about the creepy crawlies in the ocean...scared to death of the ocean swim! ahhh!!:) reason #1 I am doing Coeur d'Alene...fresh lake water.

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

looks like fun! definitely some fabulous eye candy :)

Amy said...

What a perfect weekend starting on Thursday night. Those races looks like a hoot - love it!!!! Great workouts and QT w/ Jason too. Seems like you're balancing everything. :)