Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday

Ok. I try to be as positive as possible all of the time. But sometimes - I need to let it out. Here is a small list of things that drove me up the FREAKING wall today:

1. It was freaking perfect outside and I was stuck in the office all day
2. I have work up to my ears. Over my head. I'm drowning. Please! Throw me a life ring!! Or at least a bottle of wine!
3. Getting my oil changed in my car today - it took an hour. AN HOUR! And all they had was motorcycle magazines. Come on now. But I did get a nice nap in the waiting area.
4. Customers asking me to go above and beyond my job requirments. Which I don't mind unless I'm (please read number 2). Come on now people. I'm not your personal assistant. You can call your mortgage company to check escrow.
5. Thunder beach starts this weekend. Ugh. 20 billion bikers roaring up and down on their huge motorcycles keeping me up.

Ok - lets talk about the positive in my day:
1. An amazing ride this morning with great company and seeing a perfect sunrise.
2. Seeing TWO girl friends that I have not seen for awhile.
3. Sweet new racing flats. (I'll talk about those at a later post!!)
4. Catching up with my brother who is in college right now
5. ANOTHER friend is coming into town tonight and is going to race with me this weekend. And he's an amazing triathlete and all around a great guy.
6. Jason caught TWO Cobia today - YUMMM! We are going to have fish tacos forever!
7. Oatmeal cookie Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
8. Reading a freinds race report from her first marathon ever! (way to go Heather!)

So as I sit back and look at my day - I'm realizing that my day was not that bad. The small things that really piss me off do not come even close out weighting the great people or things in my life :)

This is a great place to live - they even have it on a shirt!

Oh yeah - I do have a race this weekend! Beach Blast Sprint in Mexico Beach! We have a pretty big group of people heading over to race. And it's my first sprint of the season! Whoohoo!

ALSO - is anyone racing Florida 70.3? Anyone?!?! Or at least know anyone who is racing it?!?!


Run DMT said...

Every time you post pics of your town, it makes me want to live there. *sigh*

Sam said...

*handing u a bottle of wine* Here ya go....hope that helps!! Keep smiling Chloe and good luck at your race this weekend.
Can't wait to see the new racers!!


love the shirt too

Tilghman Carroll said...

I will be at GC 70.3! Where are you staying...or are you within driving distance? Very excited for it...except for the drive from Nashville, ugh!

Amanda said...

You said it best when you said cubicles are the devil! It's 80 and sunny today and stuck in the office...but there are also good things, like long lunches :)

Good luck this weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it!

RR said...

good luck this weekend!

kristen said...

Glad it's friday NOW! Good luck in your sprint. Can't wait to hear about it.

Keith said...

1- It's still snowing up here.
2- 'Throw' wine?? How can you even think such a thing?
3-How long would it take if you did it yourself, and what would you do with the used oil?
4- "leave a message, and I"ll get back to you...", then don't.
5- Get a bra that looks like huge fake boobs. Flash them. Maybe several of the boys on the bikes will crash....

jen said...

I think your positives way outweigh the negatives! Sometimes you just got to get it out though. Have a spectacular weekend and good luck at the race!