Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creepy Bunny

Happy Easter from the creepy easter bunny!!

Thanks everyone for the positive comments on New Orleans! I'm back on the training bandwagon and feeling better then ever (besides the massive amount of humidity we've been having here).

Hope everyone enjoys their day - I'll be out on the boat hopefully catching some fish!



That is a creepy bunny. I hear some people are into that stuff.

Good to hear you are recovered from NO.

Missy said...

Run from the decapitated Easter Bunny! Yikes.

kristen said...

I fianally just read your race report. You look so fantastic crossing the finish line. Sounds and looks like you had a blast.

Whats up with that random as song Mama Mia? And I can't belive you can swim with your eyes closed. Even if I can't see anything closing my eyes would change everything.

Great job girl!! Very impressive. I know you can knock a measly 20 mintues off for FL.

Sam said...

Nice job again on 70.3!
And yes..thats a creepy bunny!
Happy Happy Easter! Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a nice and relaxing time out on the boat! Here's to being back to training.

Gina said...

I once had to dress up as an Easter Bunny. It was creepy.

(I was on the side of a road, too. Awesome)