Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am going to have kids this weekend.

I'm finally out of my FUNK! Yeah! This week has been full of nothing but awesome workouts. And the best was this morning. I met up with three amazing bikers and got in a great ride. To be honest the bike still freaks me out. I think it's because I've been swimming and running for oh...20 I'm all about those two great events. But the bike is a whole new element that I'm just getting used to. BUT day by day - I'm feeling more and more confident and today was a huge booster for me. My bike and I are going ot be BFF's by the end of the month.

(Yeah - I'm kind of afraid of that)

That reminds me - I really need to name my bike. I have friends family members who have dogs for a few weeks before they decide on a name. Just to see what the personality of the dog is like. One time it went a bit to far the name of a friends dog just ended up being GD - Girl Dog. Anyway - I need to name my bike. Possibly after the long ride on Sunday - or I'll get some assistance from the AWESOME kids I get to watch all weekend!!

Yes - I will be watching two of the coolest kids I know this weekend. Some friends of mine who I train with, Kim and Jeff, are going to Atlanta this weekend and asked me to watch their kids, Chloe and Reece. Chloe is an amazing 13 year old who is such a fun girl and not to mention an amazing triathlete (and her name is pretty sweet as well - it's not too often you have two Chloe's in the same room). Reece is an awesome 9 year old who is equally as fun and is a very talented swimmer. Plenty planned from swim practice, to a mardi gras parade, cooking, and if the weather agrees kayaking. It is going ot be such a fun weekend!

Kim, Chloe, Missy and I at Chloe's Bat Mitzvah

March is coming up - and that means one thing at the beach. Spring break. Usually the condo and my sister and I live in magically turns into a hotel. Which is awesome! The only thing that we ask of our guests is that they take out the trash. And cook dinner at least one night :) I love it spending time with friends and family from home! BUT the downer is - is that they are all on vacation - and I still have to get up, go to work, get my training in etc. It's specially hard when my mom is here - massive amounts of wine consumed :)

But we so scope out Panama City Beach when pretty much every single crazy drunk college student has taken over. For some reason - I get a KICK out of it when guys come up to me and ask what my major is. I'll have to think of some awesome ones for this year. Open to suggestions!!

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Amy said...

Hmmmm, I can't think of anything funny off my head either. But that is fun! Yeah for Spring Break!

Good luck with the kids! They sound fun.