Saturday, January 24, 2009

Missing my fisherman but I'm Fabulous!

Jason and I have been together for a year and a half or so. Love him to death. He's the pro surfer/Florida boy that I dreamt about while growing up in good old Southern Missouri. Anyway - right now he's down in Venice, LA running tuna charters. If you've never heard of Venice, LA - you're not missing much unless you are a hard core fisherman or duck hunter. There is NOTHING down there except very large fishing boats and one diner full of fried goodness and beer. Wikipedia states Venice is also known as "The End of the World". Seriously. Click on the link above if you don't believe me. There are still trucks and boats in trees left over from Katrina. It's on the VERY southern tip of LA. Not a lot of sunshine and the water is a wonderful color of poo brown because of the river. So - its not that cool of a place. Trust me, I've been there.

Anyway - this time of year, he's down there for about three months running tuna charters. He was going to come home tomorrow for a few days, but just called and picked up a few more trips. Granted I love having time to myself and be in my 'workout Nazi mode' as my friends call it. But I do miss him. Next winter he's going ot be running charters down in the Caribbean. Hopefully my boss will under stand my 'leave of absence' request. :)

On a better note! Super runner Denice from RUN DMT made my day by tagging me with a Fabulous button or sticker - not quite sure what to call it :)

But thank you Denise for liking the randomness of my blog!

Receiving this award - I have to list five of my fabulous addictions:
1) Training. Seriously - I become really moody if I go more then 2 days without a round with my trainer, dip in the pool, or a good run.
2) Wine. No detail needed
3) Spending time with the boyfriend.
4) Family. I'm 28 and talk to my mother every day and I live with my sister. I have a pretty cool family.
5) The Sunday Morning Show on CBS. Every Sunday morning that I don't have a brick workout - I do exactly what I'm doing right now. Drink coffee , dip a croissant in it and watch this show. (Example of my wonderful breakfast today!)

Now - five other blogs that I think excel in the fablouisness:
1. Missy Ironman Florida 2008
2. Gina - The Jollys in JC
3. Sam - Sam I Am From Fat to Fast
4. Absolut(ly)Fit
5. Colormekatie (love this blog - ALWAYS puts me in a good mood!)

Random thoughs:
Get excited - Rock of Love Bus is on tonight!!

My mom is in the Key's with her girlfriends. Lucky. One of these days I'll be able to go on this 'girl trip'

I've drank a TON of coffee this morning - have a feeling it's going to be a very productive day!

Happy Sunday!!


Missy said...

I totally missed IT this morning, dang it! Will have to tune in for some ridiculousness tonite. It's so bad that it's good. Charters in the Carribean you say, need help?!?

MJ said...

You might have liked the look of the peppers on my blog but damn I would KILL for a croissant and a cup of coffee after 7 days with nada (coffee/baked goods anyway...)

Peppers you asked about:

-Cut in half (leave stem so they don't fall apart).
-Stuff with: grilled chicken, kamut, spinach, grape tomatoes, black beans, corn, fresh oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice
-Toss in the oven at 350 (or so) for as long as you wish (to taste) - we just pulled them out when they looked good.
- olive oil drizzle again, lemon juice again, salt again
- eat. yumm.


Steve Stenzel said...

I LOVE CBS Sunday Morning!! I love the way they cover the stories!!

And "fried goodness?!?!" WHAT'S THE ADDRESS?!?! I'm there!!


Bill said...

Chloe, I've followed your blog for a bit and note that you added my and my buddy's blog (A Couple of Wild & Crazy Guys) to the ones you follow. I like your writing style and that you are into the tri scene. Jason sounds like a great guy. If you guys ever do any South Florida events, let me know. We've got an active and friendly group of athletes down here. Keep up the training and the blogging.