Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grabage Trucks and Trainers

This evening I had a hot and heavy date with my trainer. Need to get in gear again for New Orelans 70.3 - and with biking as my WORST leg I've been spending some quality time with her. With new Netflix in hand I was ready to go. Almost two hours later I jump off feeling as good as I can for rocking the trainer. Then I get a text from my friend who lives in the condo below me. Asking me if I was finished. CRAP. I had no idea he was home. Usually I send a warning text - oh well.

My sister is up in St. Louis visiting our parents for a few weeks - and decided to take Amtrack up to Chicago to spend some time with a friend of hers. Granted my sister is not the best driver, specially in the snow, so we where thankful she opted to rock it old school with the train. On a side note - if we had an awesome train system here like they do over in Europe I would NEVER be home on the weekends! Back in the Holland days - we would just hop on a train and wake up in some awesome destination! ANYWAY - the train hit a TRASH TRUCK that was stuck in the middle of the train tracks due to the snow. Are you kidding me! Thankfully my sister is fine, as was everyone else, and they just put everyone on a Grayhound to get to their destination. Crazy day.

Random thoughts:

*Grandpa from the biggest loser looked AWESOME when they did the follow up!
*Rock of Love Bus. Don't know why. But I'm addicted to that show.
*I can't have cereal in the house becuase I will eat a box a day. Literally.
*My lease is up at the end of April and I'm already stressing about moving. Ugh.

Thankgoodness tomorrow is Friday!!


Sam said...

LOL. Gotta love that good construction eh? Hey try some Muscle Tension drills.....they will help build some strength on the bike.

Missy said...

Greyhound...ouch, I bet she has some stories there! Grandpa looked awesome, I was so happy too.