Friday, January 9, 2009

Mousercise - 1985

Getting pumped up for Disney Marathon this weekend - I would like to share with you Mousercise! You know you watched it back in the day! I remember my friend Tricia and I used to wake up at 3am just to get out Mousercise workout in. We would put on our speedos with our pink dance tights and sweat bands and just jump around wishing that we where on the show. We rocked that look like we owned it. (Please note we where 6 at the time!)

Today is going to be a good day. I was at the Tom Thumb this morning getting coffee before work. The man next to me asked me how my day was going and so on. Just a nice, quick conversation. But it was in SPANISH! My Spanish skills are about as good as my numchuck skills. Needless to say I was pretty proud of myself!

Good luck to everyone who will be racing Disney this weekend!!


Missy said...

Good luck, good luck! Kick some butt!

Laura said...

1. I totally would wake up at 3 AM and do the same thing. WHY was it on at such random hours?
2. I clearly suck at planning, as here I am just arriving in Orlando and having made no plans to meet you! If you get this message, drop me an e-mail at absolutromantic at gmail and hopefully we can get to meet :)

Sam said...


Can't say I ever watched Mouserise but I do remember Gilad's Body in Motion. LOL


Anonymous said...

OMIGOD! That is hysterical! I do not remember that show at all, even I am old/young enough to remember it. Love it! I am adding that to my blog and totally crediting you for finding it! Thanks for sharing!