Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fins will always beat me.

Humidity? Where did you go? Better yet - DON'T COME BACK! This morning we had a WONDERFUL humidity free ride. Some head wind - but a head wind out, you get a tail wind back in. Fist pump. I was suppose to do an open water swim followed by a two hour ride this morning - but since Big J was excited about surfing, that means the water is a bit to rough for me to get a good workout in. So after the ride I hopped into the pool.....

...and I got my ass handed to me by an old man. An old man who swam around the Keys a few months ago, but still. Oh yeah he had on fins and a 'swimming' snorkel as well. Come on now. But I do hope that when I'm 70 years old I'll be able to still do a few thousand meter swim with the kids.

Tomorrow I have a brick which my tri coach AND my swim coach are going to do with me. Party time.

Pictures from todays ride - Diane and I on top of the highway 79 bridge. If you've done IMFL, you know it's the ONLY hill in the area. :)

How do you like my freaky arm vein? It's only on my right arm. Weird.

So I'm finally back to normal after being 'on' for a week. My diet is back on track as well as my sleep schedule....and I'm feeling AWESOME. Thank goodness.

And is anyone watching the tour?!?!? It's going to be a good one!!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Wasn't it great today? I had a nice 50 mile ride and then ran 3 miles after and what a treat that was without the sun beaming down on me.

I feel you on the fast swimmers at the pool. What's so crazy is that some of these people that are whizzing back and forth in the lane next to me as if i were standing still, are like 50 pounds overweight. What's up with that?
Unfortunately, they may be faster in the water but that doesn't transfer over on the bike or run.
Keep up the awesome training!

Amanda said...

loving the lack of humidity!!!
yay for the old man with fins and a snorkle. have fun tomorrow with the coaches

Christi said...

Congrats to a day without humidity! I hope it continues for some time!

Aimee said...

That must have been a great ride without the humidity! I got a bad dose of it today on my run, and it was not fun!
I hope you have a good day tomorrow too! :)

Maggs said...

Wow, no humdity? That must be nice!

Unknown said...

Nice! I wish we didn't have humidity. Its brutal. 90% almost all day!
Love the arm vein. youre tough!

Bill said...

I did a hill workout Sunday also, on our "hill": the 17th Street Causeway bridge. Funny what we Floridians will do to get some hill work in.

As for the Tour: I'm lovin' it and we're only through 2 days. Tomorrow is supposed to be crazy with the cobble stones. Too bad I'll have to wait for the evening replay. While Bobke is good, I prefer Phil's and Paul's live daytime commentary.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Your humidity went on vacation in Ohio, I rode 52 miles on Monday and I thought I wasnt gonna make it back alive.