Saturday, July 17, 2010

Simple Iced Coffee

I.  Love.  Coffee.  Not the frappichinos topped with whipped cream, but a nice, normal cup to get me going in the morning.  And in the middle of the day sometimes.  And sometimes I have more then one cup.  Since I don't drink soda, coffee is my weapon of choice when it comes to the mid day 'I've been up since 4:40am and ran 15 miles' pick up. 

My keurig is pretty awesome - specially the choices of coffee they offer.  But this time of the year, hot coffee just turns me off.  That is the last thing that I want to drink coming off a training ride or run through hell.  So I cam across this:
Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee.  Ahhh...heaven in a package.  And it won't put you in dept either.  You can get this package of 10 servings for about $5.00 from you local Starbucks - and they are offering $1 off coupons right now. 
They kind of trick you because there are 5 packets - but each one consists of two servings.  The taste is wonderful (for this coffee snob) and has a hint of sweetness.  All you do is dump the contents into a water bottle, add some water and ice (and some soy if you would like) and shake.  Super easy.  And as you know, I travel a ton for work - so it's perfect for a mid day well as carrying on the bike for those early ass rides. 
So next time you are at your local friendly Starbucks (since they seem to have taken over the world) pick a box of this wonderful, simple, portable goodness. 


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Not only do we have the same bike but we both LOVE coffee! I drink it all day long. Had a packet of Via the other day and it was really good. Now must try the iced one. Thanks for the heads up.

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

Tried it this am.... got a free trial packet :) ummmm YUMMMY!!!!

Kelli said...

Brought along some iced coffee for my ride yesterday morning....Best.Idea.Ever. 5am wake up has just gotten so m uch easier!