Friday, July 9, 2010

Ninja Training

Solo training can get boring.  Specially on the bike.  I always carry my Iphone with me when I ride (hey, you never know) so I decided to put this devise to good use.  There is an amazing free app called Pandora's Radio.  I'm sure some of you guys have been using this sweet app forever, but it's new to me.  You just type in what kind of music you want to listen to and it develops a radio station for your listening pleasure.  So today I jammed out to my 'Bob Marley' station, cruising down the road, with my Iphone in my bento box.  Perfect.  And somehow princess steered me directly to this place:

Think she's trying to tell me something?  :)  We need a trip.

Anyway, we cruised around the airport and started to head back to my house.  As I'm pumping up the 79 highway bridge I see a cop car pulling someone over (literally at the very top of the bridge) and a biker hanging out looking over the edge at the bay.  And to my pleasant surprise, it was Bob!

What great company to finish off this great 40ish mile ride with.  Plus he lives right down the street from me.  So we cruised back into town and caught up. 

What a great way to start the weekend!

On tap this weekend is a killer brick and some open water swimming (oil free!)  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 


Big Daddy Diesel said...

THe cool thing about solo training, is that you get to go where you want to, not on someone elses plan


I like Bob. Great name and he looks as old as me.....

Maggs said...

I'm going to be doing more solo training this year, it's sort of nice to do what I want. But it's also nice to run into people headed the same way :-)

BTW, the swimsuits are super cute. I posted a pic to my blog, but they are better in person.

Unknown said...

Long solo rides do get kind of boring, that's why I've always got my iPod!