Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ragnar Relay Anyone?

I am pretty darn excited.  January I will be heading down to Miami with 11 other crazy running friends to be apart of the Ragnar Relay Series Florida Keys.  Never heard of the Ragnar?  Well, this one is a 185 mile relay race from Miami and ending in the Florida Keys.  Each runner does segments, followed by their team mates in a van.  Run.  Eat.  Sleep.  Repeat.  I've never been south of Miami Beach, so what is a better way to see the keys except on foot!?!? 
So the question is - who out there has done one of these?  Thoughts?  Feelings?
Today was track day with coach.  Up and out of the house by 4:45am.  Coach wanted me to bring my bike/trainer today - which made me pretty nervous. 
Princess this is the track.  Don't be scared.  He's not that bad:

But besides the heat - the multi brick/track workout was awesome.  Lots of out of the saddle action followed by a 1200 and then back on the bike....and repeat...a few times.  Half way through the workout the BP workers started to pull into the parking lot.  Gotta love pervy guys at 6am.  Puke-A-Roo.

So I opened my mailbox the other day and THIS was in it:

Thank you Maggs and the other Boca ladies for letting this Florida girl rock out one of your sweet Splish suits.  Why is it that when you get something new - you just HAVE to go out and train in it...that day?  Ahh..the small things that keep you going!! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Unknown said...

I want to do a run relay SO bad!! It's on my bucket list, hopefully to be fulfilled in the very near future. I said it to Maggs and I'll say it to you - love the suit!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Ragnar relay is cool. Never done it but maybe in the next year or 2 i can fit it in. That is one cool suit you got from your swim pals. I love it!

Stephanie said...

I will be doing Ragnar here in Tennessee in November...never have done a relay and would kill to do Hood to Coast someday!

Melissa said...

Very cool relay! Hopefully you'll get some time at the end to enjoy Key West! I've always wanted to do something like that, there are two big running relays in Colorado that go over some crazy mountain's on my 'someday' list.

Sweet swim suit!


BP boys? Don't tell me tar balls have hit

Anonymous said...

SWEEEEEEEET's damn nice. BP boys yeah? So damn sad!

Christi said...

Good luck with the relay! That sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Sweet Splish suit!

Christi said...

Hey just got my monthly Running Times Update and they have an article I think you would be interested in. The article is 10 tips for doing relays.

Jamie said...

I did the Ragnar New England race last year, but as an ultra (6 people, doubling up on the run legs).

It was a ton of fun, but definitely mentally draining.

My big mistake was taking my little tiny Mazda 3 as the second car instead of another van. BIG mistake. Trying to sleep in the front seat of that thing and then run 10 miles was one of the most painful things that I have ever done. I cried. Seriously.

Get a big paint truck and toss a mattress or futon in the back to sleep between legs.

Oh, and choose your team wisely. They make or break the whole experience.