Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too Hot Outside...

This morning my whole goal was to run around 13 miles. We met at 5am to beat the heat. But I think the heat beat most of us! It was so hot and sticky outside that the run was just plain painful! GU and water in hand - but nothing helped. I only got about 9 miles in - but I'm proud of my self for that distance!

After the run - I stretched on a near by beach access. The waves where high due to hurricane Dolly so there where a ton of surfers to watch. Anyway - as I was stretching, I look to the right and see 3 huge, wonderful looking wine glasses. Jackpot. They are now in the back of my car waiting to be watched and drank out of tonight! That is a great highlight about living where I live. Drunk tourists. In the morning when I run I find all kinds of random 'road finds' - cameras, hats, and now wine glasses!

Here are a few more pictures from the Maine wedding - breathtaking. The photographers just grabbed the whole weekend and captured everything amazing and stuck it on a picture for all of us to enjoy. They are putting together a slide show - but no one is going to see it until the reception a week from Saturday. Which brings me to how excited I am to go to ST. LOUIS!! I love that city. Please note the red for the good old Cardinals. Go cards!

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