Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To work out again

So - after a 5 day hiatus, I'm back. My body just would not get out of bed all weekend - which was very nice. You can't beat laying in bed on Sunday morning with the New York Times, watching the Sunday Morning Show on CBS and a good cup of coffee. And the fact that it's pouring outside. I could not think of a better morning :)

Anyway - up this morning and ran about 5.5 miles with two guys in my running group. It was about 70 out with fog. PERFECT running conditions. I was itching to go further - but after my 'time off' I decided it would be best if I just cut it short. Plus my work out schedule is going to be really thrown off from tomorrow on.

I'm heading to Maine - Islesboro Island to be exact - for my best friends wedding. It has a nautical theme which I find kind of funny since both the bride and the groom live in Missouri - but it's going to be beautiful. The brides maid dresses are not bad and I do plan on wearing it again minus a few inches from the bottom. And I've never really been to the east coast before. That brings up the question - do I need a passport to even get over there :)

Here is a picture of the dress...

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