Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love my running group...

Through out the week I run with different groups of people. Some people can go some mornings while some are not able to - so it's always fun to see who shows up. Today I ran with the ladies who are all training for IronMan. Two are heading up to Wisconsin and one is going to be racing in the Panama City Beach Ironman. These women are amazing - and the great thing is is that they are all between the ages of 35-50!! True motivation. It's great to run with people who push you in a positive way. For instance today, I was planning on running 5 with them - and ended up doing 9. Love it. We also get together to swim and bike as well. I feel super lucky to have great people to train with! Having positive people around you just makes everything better!

Speaking of Ironman - I was asked to volunteer in the Panama City Beach one. I get all of the goodies that come with the race which I am super pumped about. I'm not ready for an Ironman myself, but I would much rather volunteer then sit there and watch if I'm not participating. Anyway - I'll get to on the back of a motorcycle and make sure that racers are not 'drifting'. Awesome.

Nothing too exciting going on right now - but I'm going to post some fishing pictures from this season so far. If you check out you'll see a few of them :)

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Laura said...

Sorry so behind in reading - volunteering sounds awesome! I'd love to volunteer for a tri someday.