Sunday, July 27, 2008


This past Saturday - Jason did not have a trip so we decided to go fishing. Now, I'm not like your typical girl when it comes to fishing. I'm obsessed with it. I can fish all day long. And we did. All over the bay. We did not find any red fish, but I did limit out on grouper, snapper, and rocked out a few flounders. Looking forward to the fresh fish tacos that we are going to cook up tonight!

I never really talked about this before on this 'blog' but I'm also into Triathlons. Love them. I can swim and run all day - but the bike is my downfall. Mentally it just brings me down. So - I decided that the bike will not win. Mentally, I know I can rock out 40+ miles on that bad boy. So cheer me on as I take on this challenge!!
Also - we just found out the one of my fishing pictures made it into Florida Sportsman! It's a fishing magazine that is pretty popular all over the state! I'll post it once I get a copy!!

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