Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heading to St. Louis

My sister and I are heading home to St. Louis today after work. We grew up driving through the night to wake up at the beach - and now we're just doing the same thing backwards. :) But we're taking my new car wish I'm totally pumped about. The Crossfire use to be my mode of transportation - and I decided to trade it in last week for a 2006 Jetta. I traded in the Crossfire for two reasons 1) Needed more room - I can't fit more than one other person, much less a BIKE in the Crossfire and 2) lower car payments. I loved my crossfire, but it was time to grow up a bit and actually get a four door car. Please note - this is the first four door car I have EVER owned. Huge step for me.

So back to the drive. Since we'll be cruising in the sweet new Jetta - it should be fun. Allison and I are pretty good at taking turns driving through the night. One of the best things about long trips is (don't call me a geek) but books on CD's. I love them on long trips. They keep your mind going and help pass the time quickly!

Quick Random Note - if one more of my friends get engaged or have a baby with in the next year I'm either going to be BROKE or shoot myself :) Congrats to Mindy and Kristen!

Another quick note - I get on the Runners World Forum through out the day. At work I'm on hold quite a bit so it help passes the time. Anyway - if you get on the same threads, you'll see the same people. One person in particular really hit a soft spot one random day. She went on and starting typing about how her twin brother had just passed from cancer. She did not even know why she was posting. But it really effected me - how a person that I have not even met in person (but we both share the love of running) could make me so emotional. Anyway, she started to do Team in Training (TNT) to raise money and run a marathon for Cancer research. So I clicked on her link and donated $$. Not a huge amount - but anything helps. Cancer scares the shit out of me - so anything that can stop it needs to be done.

Random acts of kindness is the way to go. Click on her site and help out

Karma is a good thing. Pass it along.


Laura said...

How long will you be in STL? I'm flying out tonight to go home for the weekend (a day early for some training) but will be back on Monday for the week.

Nina said...

You are just simply amazing.

Have fun in STL!

Thanks for the shout out- you just made me emotional!