Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad Mood

So - according to my wonderful boyfriend, if I don't work out I become a bitch. Not a total bitch, just not as nice and laid back as I usually am. So now he's on 'workout' patrol. If I go longer then one day with out any type of workout, he'll be on my case. Bless him :)

Getting ready for my trip last night I decided to update my ipod a bit. I don't use it all that much, so the music is kind of dated. Anyway - I found this wonderful new program on itunes called PODCAST. Love it. And the ones that I downloaded are free! I'm sure this has been around FOREVER, but I'm pretty stoked about it. So I'll be listening to 'Zen and the art of Triathlon' for most of my trip. Good times.

I have no clue what to pack for my trip. Living in Florida for as long as I have, I've lost my sense of weather. Here either it's hot or kind of hot. I've been going through my wardrobe for the past few days and hopefully I'll make the correct decisions so that I don't freeze or look like a total tourist. Actually - I could care less about looking like a tourists, but being cold is another story. Also, for some reason I ALWAYS take into consideration to the airlines misplacing my bags (which has happened more then once). I usually take a carry one with all of the essentials - makeup, toothbrush, change of clothes, and for this trip my bridesmaid dress. I have a fun night ahead of me - wine, cleaning and packing. Whoopwhoop.

Here is a picture of one of the guys that I train with and myself after a race a few weeks ago:

Workouts - 4.5 miles today - tempo

yesterday - 3200 yards after work (didn't post yesterday)

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SimonSays said...

Chloe -

Love the blog! It's so much fun to put a face to a name! Congratulations on all of your success on your tri's. That is way more than I think I'll ever accomplish. Which marathon are you doing in January? I noticed you mentioned that you haven't started your official training yet. Do you know which plan you're going with? I was pretty set on Higdon, but then I plugged in my info. to RW Smart Coach. I like what they gave me a lot better. I can still incorporate my lifting and core training into my schedule without being insane. :) Oh! There's another podcast you should check's called Phedipidations by Steve Runner. It's good. Podcasts are a neat little feature, huh? I had my students do one a couple years ago. They LOVED it! Anyway...take it easy and stop down to the weight loss forum every once in a while to say hi. I'll check up on your blog too. I just started on a couple weeks ago for my marathon

(AKA SimonSaysRun)