Friday, October 2, 2009


motivation (plural motivations)

Willingness of action esp. in behavior
The action of motivating.
Something which motivates.
An incentive or reason for doing something.

I seemed to have lost mine. If you find it - please sent it my way.





Wait until Nov. 4 and come on down to the Boardwalk Beach Club. That will start the blood flowing and then the motivation will peak on Nov. 7. On Nov. 8 you can return at 5am and keep that motivation churning for the next year by signing up..

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its soooo hard to keep it up all year long. It will be back soon,

kristen said...

Ugh, I though you were adressing this to me. I totally know how you feel. Don't worry. It'll come back. Aren't you mid-marathon training right now?

Keith said...

Like anyone else, motivation needs a vacation. The more you clutch it to yourself and hold it in, the more it tries to escape. Motivation wants to be free to roam, and bring back fresh bits of motivationalization. You have to keep your motivation on a long leash, let it know you appreciate it. Then it will come back, and share the love.

Melissa said...

I agree what Keith says, motivation can't be 100% 365/24/7 or else you'll go crazy. I think. Are you taking time off after your next race, just some unstructured-ness?

OK, here's motivation: Boulder 70.3 opened up yesterday!!!! :-)

George Houston said...

I think your motivation ran away with mine. lol.

Keep Your Head Up!

Charisa said...

It'll come back :) Enjoy some down time and you'll find it again I'm sure!

Judi said...

me too.