Monday, September 28, 2009


In the Panama City Beach area we have a yahoo group for bikers, so pretty much any day you can find someone to ride any distance with. Usually I stick to the normal 30A group that I've been riding with for the past year. But Sunday so many people where out of town for 6 gap, Augusta, the 'Intimidator'..etc..that I had to find another group to ride with. I was ITCHING to take the new sweet goodness out for a spin...and boy did I take her out.

Random comment - I'm SO FREAKING SICK of the free credit guys.

Anyway - I rolled up to SamsClub to meet a couple of roadies for a quick 30 mile ride. They like to call it the 'be back in time for church' ride since most Sunday rides go on FOREVER. Please remember these few important points in regards to the ride:

1. I have never ridden with these guys
2. I have never ridden this route
3. LOTS of turns involved (example - going around dead ends and neighborhoods)
4. These guys are old school hard core roadies
So pretty much - if I continue to ride with these bad asses - I'll have fire coming off of the back of my back tire very soon! But I fell more in love with new bike. Thankfully they did not drop me like a stinky bag of garbage and I got in an awesome ride. And I was home in time for the Sunday Morning Show on CBS and a cup of coffee!

Kelly and I made the decision to start making our long runs on Monday morning. This works out perfectly because I work from home on Monday's and Kelly has the day off. She's training for a few ultras (and can I please note that she is a KICK ASS runner..hello..3:06 marathon?) and I'm rocking out the mileage for the ING Miami. So this works out perfect. We got an a GREAT 15 miles today at an easy 9+ min pace.

This brings me to a random thought...I feel so lucky to everyone that I am able to train with. My running/biking/swimming partners are amazing - and I don't think I would do any of these workouts with out them! Even when I've had to much wine - and could possibly still be a bit drunk - I will drag my ass out of bed because I know someone is waiting for me to hammer out a few miles. I consider every single one of them a great friend...even in 'non-workout' clothes :) Ok. Enough with that sentimental stuff!

Congrats to everyone who raced this past weekend - and Augusta? I might have to do that race next year just to do the swim!!




I thought the only hard core bikers in Panama City Beach rode Harleys! Sounds like a cool place to live.

BTW, where the heck is Sams Club? Could have used a trip there in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well for you and your new bike. Having people aroung to workout with is nice.

Kim said...

Love the new ride! Very sweet! Glad you didn't get dropped. I hate going with new people but you do know quickly who you can ride with and who you are going to be waving goodbye - have a nice ride - to! Training partners are da bomb. Mine have all tapped out this year and it is really making my life SOOOO much harder!!

Bill said...

I can't agree more about the treasure that training partners are to each other. Its a 2 way street that benefits all concerned. Enjoy that new bike.

Amy said...

Sounds like a great group of peeps down there. LOL about the still drunk part...I so know what you're talking about.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice, goos training group you found