Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Stay!!

This is Will Alexander Franc - well, an old photo I stole from the good old Facebook:

Ok - this is him now:

He's a Swiss Pro who is going to rock out IMFL this year and hopefully qualify for Kona. He should be flying into good old Panama City Beach sometime tomorrow. Jason and I are so excited to open our house to someone from another country and hopefully make his IMFL experience an amazing one. I'll post his race number as soon as we find out what it is.

I know I've been a non blogger for the past week - but my mom came into town! We not only saw Willie Nelson (yes, it was awesome) but we saw several amazing local bands the whole time she was here. One quick question - have I just not been to a 'big' concert in a long time - or is it common for people to record the WHOLE concert on their cell phones?

Anyway - we had a great time while she was in town. Not only did we hear some great music, drink a ton of wine, got in a few good runs, but she also helped me 'decorate' the new place (which she loved). I can't wait to see my family Christmas. I know, I'm a total dork, but I love my family :)


Judi said...

awww, you and your mom are so cute!!

that is cool you are hosting some imfl peeps.

Amy said...

I love it when mom comes to visit! I haven't been to a big concert in a while eithe but that seems weird.

So cool that you're going to be a home stay.

Sue said...

Have fun with the pro!! We have had the best of times with them. If you need tips, let me know :)

Kim said...

Awwee.. You've GOT to love the Fam! I'm with you. What a great week with your Mom. Glad you had fun.. now, you should document for us what life is like for a swiss pro getting ready to do the Ironman..that HAS to be interesting. That's wonderful that you guys are doing that! How fun!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

How fun!!! Family time!!!

No, its not common, why would you want too? the quality is horrible

Bill said...

Very nice of you and Jason to put up a pro triathlete in your home. Hope you all become good friends in the process.


Bring him on by the party Wednesday night!!
He would make a great interview for the 4 questions..

Sam said...

The phone person is probably going to post it on youtube and sit counting the visitor hits for daysssss.... :)

You and Jason are great for opening your home. (hugs) Great peeps and big hearts. :)))

Hope the new job isn't running you ragged. Find a IM race yet?? You should think of coming west...our casa is always available to ya.

Melissa said...

It's so cool that you love your family! Your mom is so super cute! You guys have the EXACT same smile. I'm sure you've heard that before :-)

Have fun being a home stay! I can't wait to hear about IMFL.

kristen said...

I love the home stay deal! So cool. What's up with recording the whole concert on a cell phone? Wasn't it a couple hours long...?

It's so not dorky to love the fam. I love hanging with my fam. Great picture. How bout some decorating shots?

Kirsten said...

Hi Chloe! Just wanted to re-emphasize with everyone else that you're not a dork to love your fam! I love mine too! Love your moms Wayfarer sunnies. I'm with Kristen on the decorating pics. Maybe I'll see you in the 'burg at Christmas.