Sunday, October 4, 2009

Camp Flowers

Today instead of doing the boring old 'Bruce' ride as we call it - we decided to hop onto the IMFL bike course. A few riders (who are doing IMFL and IMAZ) rocked out 80 miles, while the rest of us kept it fun at 40+. I was so excited to take out the new QR and see what she can do on a course that is not full of turns.

The weather was great - nice and overcast, low humidity, and just a bit of rain towards the end. So needless to say, it was an amazing ride. I'm still loving the new QR. And, to every ones surprise - parts of 388 are newly paved! whohoo! It was like Christmas! Camp Flowers (random name for a road) is still full of cracks and bumps - but 388's goodness more then made up for it.

And can I mention the zoo of animals we saw? Horses, deer, a huge dead snake on the side of the road, a peacock (seriously), and a few HUGE goats. Gigantic goats. One hopped out of the back of a truck to check us out. Random I know - but unfortunately my stealthy photo skills with the Iphone have yet to be mastered on the bike. But don't worry - I'll practice. So for those of you doing IMFL this year - keep your eyes peeled for the random side shows on the bike!

Lately my energy has been kind of on the low side. I don't know if it's because my training has taken a back seat for the past few weeks as I get used to my new work schedule or if my diet is just off. So this week I have decided to try a few things:

1) Get back into my 'pre new job/move' work out routine. I'll have to get up at the butt crack and plan to get ready for work at some training partners houses - but it can be done.

2) Pay more attention to my vitamins that I take. Specially taking Iron as well as Omega-3's every day.

3) Work on my diet when I'm on the road. With the new job - I'm not in an office so I have to really plan my meals. I don't eat fast food - but I'm not the healthiest road eater either. I also need to get out of the habit of eating a powerbar as a replacement for lunch! So as I was at Wal-Mart today (ugh - I know. Specially the one on the beach) I found this -

The thing that I'm pointing at gets put in the freezer - so your salad stays cold! The salad goodness stays divided until you are ready for it to be mixed so everything won't be soggy! BEST. IDEA. EVER. I'll keep you posted on how everything goes this week!

I am getting super excited for everyone who is getting ready for Kona! The energy can be felt over here!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!



So we go from bone jarring to smooth as silk? I'm preparing mentally since I have never done it.

Eating right on the road is tough. Margaritas in Mexico was my nutrition on Tuesday.

Missy said...

I'm kinda like the tupperware thingy. Keep it separated so it doesn't get all funky, keep me posted on that. May have to get one myself!

Happy belated birthday, hope it was great.

Camp Flowers paved...I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great ride. The stay fit is great. Good luck with the eating on the rode. It is a challenge, but once you find what works, it will be all good

Bill said...

Sounds like a great ride (both the bike and the route). Belated happy birthday.

kristen said...

Sorry about the energy level. I always get out of whack when my schedule goes through changes.

Cool salad thing.

Amy said...

love the salad thingy - please tell me if it works!

Kim said...

Glad you're loving your new bike! I know exactly what you mean with the eating/energy levels. It is a challenge, especially being on the road. It just takes more planning and I've seen those things before and they are awesome. They really help you divide and conquer! You can do it though.. keep up the good work! If you need any help, just let me know. I'm a dietitian that understands how it is to be a real athlete too!

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

Yay for the im fl roads being paved!!! I did the gulf coast in 08 and that road was a mess!! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna head over to I'm fl to volunteer still... Glad ur hot new bike is treating u well!

Sam said...

Yeah..glad the new bike is working out well! Did you ever figure out a name??

Congrats on the fun 40 miler....and the salady keeper thingy. :))
I carry my food with me all the time otherwise I'd probably never eat properly...NO TIME! ;)

Sending hugs and waves from the west coast area.

Libby said...

I just got a QR this year too! what kind do you have? I'm in love, favorite bike I've ever ridden (unfortunately I had to get hit by a car to get it!)