Friday, October 9, 2009

Biggest Loser to Ironman

Check this out... IRONHOOVER Be sure to read the last paragraph. Thoughts? Feelings?

I'm not trying to bash anyone by any means - but I would be scared S***less to be in that position! There is a pretty big difference between a 70.3 and a full! But I hope he does well and is able to make the cut-offs and hopefully have a positive influence on people who are watching!!

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow!!!



ok you asked for my 2 cents.

They keep a bunch of slots in KONA for special interests like this, or Alexandr Paul from Baywatch, or the 300lb football guy. Personally I don't like it. I think it cheapens the event.

KONA is supposed to be a world championship, and most of the people earn their way there. Getting a special invite, and cracking 8 hours at a 70.3 is not really earning it.

I do wish him well. I hope he finishes this race and many more. Hopefully, he won't get picked up half way through the run by TV production truck and dropped off 100m from the finish line so they can make their production schedule.

But then again, who am I.

Missy said...

Yeah, um, I'm with Jim on this one. I hope he does well and finishes strong. I DO think there is something sketchy about wearing an MDot hat before you've completed an ironman distance race, though (as posted in his picture). Just my opinion.

I TOO would be scared shitless and I HAVE done the distance. Kona is NO freakin joke, NO JOKE.

PS The only way I go to Kona is if I EARN it by qualifying. I'll be 82yo but that's ok - no one else in my age group...I just gotta outlast em;)


Publicity stunt to fill up time on the show. You will definitely see him when the broadcast comes out.

I did some research (engineers do that). He finished Lake Stevens in 7 hr 34 min. with a 3:43 bike and a 2:59 run. The course is hilly but not severe. I imagine Washington weather wasn't too hot.

I agree with Missy, I think I am going to do IMFL in sub 13 but would be thankful for just a sub 17finish at Kona.

I wish him well, but I think Mr. Hoover will be lucky to make it to T2 by the cutoff.

In less than 24 hrs we'll find out.

Missy said...

If I looked at it correctly, it ended as we thought. Kona is NO joke.

Jamie said...

It looks like he missed the final cutoff by 3 minutes. Sucks, but I'm sure he will still call himself an ironman despite not making it in time.

::shrugging shoulders::

Seriously, with Crowie being a maniac, Mirinda's phenomenal marathon and Chrissie just being insane, do they really need to throw in random reality TV celebs to spice things up? BS.

Okay. I'm done ranting.

Melissa said...

Hey Chloe. I'm late on reading this post, but still wanted to comment. My coworker spent a long time talking to Matt after his race and about his missing the cut-off by 3:00. You should check out his interview (it's on the blog at Anyhow...I know there was a lot of negative thoughts about him doing it, just like Lance doing it in 2011 and not 'having' to qualify, but IMO, there will always be special interest people doing these races so I accept it and say "good job!" to the man. Listening to him talk, he's caught the IM bug and determined to get leaner, faster, and conquer another IM in the future. I think his experience at Kona left him hungry to do it again, like most (or some) of the people who do one IM and then think "I can go faster".

Sorry for the long comment, but that's my 2c.