Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Friend! Bad Triathlete!

So my girlfriends just left from a crazy weekend on the beach! I love my KC friends so much. Talking about the trouble we used to get into and just seeing where we are now is so much fun. I never would have thought 7 years ago that I would be living on the beach dating a fishing captain. We never would have thought that LeeAnn would be getting hitched to Eric and that Sarah would be engaged to a guy that we didn't even know back then!

But on the other hand we see how we change! My life here is SO much different then it was in KC. Instead of going to brunch on the Plaza on Sundays, nursing a hangover from drinking until 3am and then end up shopping at JCrew - I'm getting up, going on a 40 mile bike ride and then going fishing. It's fun going back and seeing the life that I used to have - and spending time wish such awesome friends. But I also think of what my life would be like if I would have stayed in KC. Would I be married to an account? Would I be working in a cubical 9-5? Would I have been introduced to triathlons? Crazy.

Anyway - lately I have been a VERY bad triathlete. Yes, I've been running and biking. Swimming..well, a few times since Orlando. But no long runs/rides on the weekends. I've just been too busy with travel, getting ready for my visitors that have just left, etc. And I miss my weekend warriors!! Hopefully they will forgive me and welcome me back with open arms next weekend!

So - my fellow bloggers, a question to leave you with. How have things changed for you the past few years? Did you take a huge risk, follow your dreams, and move out of your comfort zone? Did you quit the 'safe' job to head out into the unknown? Are you happy where you are now? But I guess that is life right? If you don't take scary step - life would be pretty damn boning! :)


kristen said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Nice pics. Holy crap my life would be so different had I not left town to work on a cruise ship. I never would have met my amazing husband!

It's fun to take trips down memory lane once in a while. Your grilfriends are adorable.

It's cool if your taking it easy on the training. It just means you'll come back strong after giving your body some time to recoup. Soon you'll be putting it through hell again. Let it enjoy this.

p.s. what's wrong with being married to an anccountant? (just teasing)

Chloe said...

Haha! Not a gosh darn thing :) Actually - I would love it! At least they have 'normal' working hours!!

Keith said...

Once upon a time I worked for the City of Calgary, and the shift work darn near killed me. Then a big pipeline transmission company, then one of the biggest oil companies in the world. Then to a small engineering company. Then to a slightly larger pipeline construction company. Then to a small startup where I was one of about 4 employees. They turned out not to have the financial depth to deal with the economic downturn, so I'm looking for work. Could I have stayed with the City? NFW! Or the bigoilco? Maybe if I wanted to be a souless cog in the gears. The engineering co started so good, then got toxic. So even though at the moment I have all this time to train and build fitness, at the cost of a smaller budget, I'd still say take that scary step. Chase that dream!

Missy said...

Chase the dream while you're young enough without as many 'responsibilities.' Once the big R comes into play (marriage, kids, whatever), you have to think about other people. While you can, look out for #1 and what YOU want - independent of everything else.

What a funnn party!

Charisa said...

Always take the leap - you can always go back to the way things were before . . .

Tilghman Carroll said...

If I stuck with the "safe" I would not be anywhere near Nashville surrounded by amazing and wonderful friends and never would have found the world of triathlons and IM's! (ok, probably would have)

I just had my 10 year HS reunion and loved seeing the people that have left home to see what else is out there...way cool and much more interesting!

P.S. it's so hard to balance friend/triathlete, especially when said friends do not understand triathlete...that's why I love my triathlete friends...

KK said...

So you are from KC which is why you knew about Lidia's-got it. So cool what you have done with your life.

Triathlon is an interesting part of it for me-I struggle between fulfilling my enjoyment of the sport with not letting it completely take over my life-sounds like you have found good balance though even though you've taken a well deserved break from it during the past couple of weeks.

Great post! Loved the pix-your friends look fun :)

Amy said...

Loved the pics!

We had the best time in KC w/ Pt's friends after the race. $2.50 tacos and beer at Charlie was awesome!

Anyway, I am so glad I moved to CO jobless and took the leap. Everything fell into place after that. It took a while but it was worth it. Great questions....

And, like KK said, life is all about balance...I think you have the best of both worlds!

Melissa said...

Hey Chloe. I hope I"m not too late to post a comment! Great post and I love the pictures, it looks like you had a blast!

I like your question b/c I feel like I'm living t/r this right now. I took a huge leap to leave my last job (well-paying but miserable) to work at a company that I truly believe in...and though it's a struggle with $, I actually love my job, I get excited to go to work, and I know my passion for what I'm doing and interest in the company will eventually bring financial balance as well. Hopefully ;-)

Is this a rhetorical question? Follow your heart, but also know everything is life isn't all smoke-and-mirrors, there is reality, so it's probably good to think things through, acknowledge what COULD happen, are you OK with that?..if so, there's your answer.

That's just my 2cents.

And if the big leap is moving to a new location, just like Missy said, it's sooooo much easier to do before you really put down roots, so do it. Try it out. And you can always move back.

You rock Chloe!