Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miles of Madness

Per a request from Judi (Miles of Madness) here is the low down on my speed workout from yesterday. So I get off of work and cruise over to South Walton High School hoping that their track was open (I've never been to this track so I had my fingers crossed). As I was cruising around to find a place to park I see this SWEET trail in the woods around the track. Jackpot.

I ran a mile warm up on the trail and then jumped onto the track. Per Coach Jim - I was to do 4X400 with a 200 recovery jog between each lap. I have not ran on a track forever. Just stepping on the track brought out my inner mid-distance high school track legs that have been hiding for so long. I think they where pretty happy since I shut them in the closet 10+ years ago Here is the break down of my 400's:
1: 6:28 pace
2: 6:30 pace
3: 6:35 pace
4: 6:23 pace

Coach Jim is not going to be happy with those splits. We where suppose to go our 5K pace. But it felt so good! I could not help it! My hidden fast twitch was so excited to be out - it could not help it's self! :) I'm hoping that this is a reflection of what the speed work will hopefully do for me in the long run.

I ended up doing this workout alone instead of with the group on Thursday because 4 of my BEST FRIENDS form Kansas City are flying in tomorrow! I can not freaking wait. LeeAnn is getting married in August - to they elected to have her bach party down here on the beach. Booze and beach for the next 4 days - well, and a bit of work for me. But it's ok :)

I totally forgot to post this picture of Lisa's bike (from Florida 70.3) - with Missy's disk wheel. HOW DO YOU LIKE THE FUN LOGO? Whoohoo! Wicked Fun!

And Jason - the best cheerleader of all:

Jim and Karen on the bus ride to check in:

Random Rant:
So we ride down 30A on Tuesday and Thursday. Lately we've have a pretty big group and it's been a great ride - it's social, but we also rock it out. Anyway - on Tuesday after the ride and before I took off for work I stopped at the Tom Thumb (aka - the best C-store in the world) to get some coffee. A hard core roadie who was obviously a tourists was in front of me to pay. I mentioned where and when we ride if he'd like to join us. We get excited when we have 'guest stars' for any run or ride that we do! But I'm going to lay it down that he was the rudest roadie, well, anyone involved in some sort of physical activity, I have ever talked to. His loss. :)

Not a rant - but I'm getting excited about Irongirl. There is a good chance that we are going to be riding to the ATL in an RV! Whoohoo! Why are RV's so much fun!?!?


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh RV trips are AWESOME! I hope you get to do it for ATL, take lots of photos.

Great job on the track workout, um, hello what was up with that fast #4..haha!

Have a great time with your 4 best friends! I expect a full report of antics and stories come Monday.

Missy said...

Track workout - nice job finding those legs in there. Sheesh.

Yeah, I ride with lots of roadies and any rude roadie we call FRED and we just wave at him and keep talking to him until he LEAVES. Snob!

Irongirl - what a blast! Wish I got in on time:(

Anonymous said...

Nice track workout. Your legs can move fast!

I love the wheels, especially since the say "wicked." Being from RI this is a term we use all the time.

Sherry said...

"Hidden fast twitch" --> LOVE! Not that I'm anywhere near as speedy as you are, but it's so HARD to slow down sometimes, huh?

LOOOOOVE that disc wheel! Super sweet!

Have a great time with your buddies!

Amanda said...

Nice track work!
That roadie sucks. Like you said, his loss.
Have fun with your girls!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That wheel rock, love it.

kristen said...

Good work speedster. Coach might not be happy, but Chloe is! Jelous!

Sorry, but I think the majority of roadies are assholes. His loss for shure.

Amy said...

Have so much fun this weekend!!!!! Can't wait to hear about it.

Bill said...

I don't know why bicycling attracts those rude roadies. How this guy could give a friendly, social person like you the cold shoulder is beyond my comprehension. Luckily, rude cyclists are a small minority of biking community.

Run DMT said...

WOW! Those are some fast sprints! I really need to come visit you so you can whip me into shape.

Pssst...BTW...You got an award.