Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Garmin

My trusty Garmin 305 has died. It had a good life and helped me through many races and tough workouts.

He was first purchased right after I had signed up for the Disney Marathon last year. He was very helpful in all of the trail runs that we do as well as keeping my ass at a good pace. Garmin has been with me through the tough times as well as the good. Even though the heart rate monitor was passed on to another training partner - I'm sure that he led a good life as well. Possibly that is why the Garmin died - he missed his 'twin'. Hmm. But I know his 'twin' is living a good life in Cali right now. Since that training partner has moved on.

Garmin, you will have a large place in my heart since you where my first major purchase in my quest with triathlons.

Rip, Garmin. Please. A moment of silence.

Can't wait for my new one to come in!! :)

Happy Thursday!!

PS - IRON GIRL ATLANTA this weekend!! Whoohoo!! More on that later...

ALSO - please, take your stuff off of the beach at night. The sea turtles will not lay eggs if there is a freaking tent, chair, cooler, or blow up toy in the way. They will just turn around. :(


Keith said...

Are you getting the 310XT? The one that's actually waterproof?

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

RIP Garmin! I want mine to die so i can get the 310XT!!!

And thank you for watching out for the turtles, i love them :)

Robert Lejeune said...

RIP Garmin :( Now grab that 310 ;)

As for your FB status, nope it's not too early. At least around here it's not.

Missy said...

A friend of mine just ordered the 310, on backorder until August or so. Just a heads up in case you're looking for something NOW!

Poor Garmin buddy! His younger brother will be even better.

Woohoo for ATL...and airbrushed goodness;) ..seriously, stay out of wally world if you can.