Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surfing Widow

Yes, there is such a thing. A surfing widow typically goes hand-in-hand with a fishing widow as well. I'll rant about that below...

Today was an early day. After a sweet swim workout yesterday with my new interval buddies - I headed over to Jason's for dinner. Fresh stone crab claws, fresh scallops, and black beans with rice. YUMMO. But when I stay over at big J's on Tuesday night, I have to get up SUPER EARLY to meet everyone for the weds run. So the 4:40am alarm came really early.

Well, I get to Grayton to meet up with everyone, and sure enough I was 15 min early. WHAT?!? How did that happen? I could have slept for another 15 min! Anyway - I decided to do a mile or so warm up. Met up with everyone and got in a little over 7 miles around a 9 min pace. Slow, sweaty, hot, smelling like chlorine miles. Oh well. Every workout can't be banger. (Trying to use my new saying 'bang on' thanks Amy!)

And tonight I made Peanut Butter Powerballssooooo good! Peanut butter and honey goodness!

Anyway - I'm finally downloading some new music on my Ipod. I have done nothing new in that area since August. So if anyone has any suggestions at all to add to my sweet play list - feel free to help me out!!

Once again - my parents are coming in town on Saturday. So excited. Mom and I are going to be taking Fly Casting Lessons from one of Jason's co-workers which is going to be awesome! Speaking of Jason. Surf is up. So that means I am a surfing widow. What did he do after his charter today? Surfed. What is he doing tomorrow all day? Surfing. This commonly happens when the surf is up. I don't mind - I mean if I could surf as awesome as Jason I would be out there as well! But - when I'm at the office..doing office stuff..and just knowing what he's up do I get really jealous. But then again, I guess he's a triathlon widow at times. I'm thinking I need to buy a boat and be a fishing captain so that I can enjoy a day of surfing on a random Thursday!



kristen said...

Bang on sista!

I just checked out the Rocky soundtrack from the library and downloaded it to the old ipod. Yo Adriene - gotta love me an American kicking the shit of a roided out russian. Good stuff.

Missy said...

JEALOUS! I don't have a clue how to surf but I'll take a surf Thursday for sure. Early mornings bite.

Amy said...

Wow, you BANGED out that saying. Isn't it fun? Love it. We're going to bang on in NO!

I can't believe you got up at 4:40am. Impressive. I need to take a lesson from you....I can't get my bag of bones up that early.

According to your countdown clock, we have 10 days and 14 hours until NO 70.3


Amanda said...

don't you love those runs where you sweat out the chlorine? ha!

I'm totally trying the PB powerballs!!! Thanks.

And I'm LOVING the zoot shoes. I prefer to run sockless, so it works well...until the stink sets in. And the Splish suit? i want like 20 more!

Jenna said...

Ok...Canadian jumping in here... Every workout can't be a just invented a new use for BANG ON. Us Canadians are totally OK with that :) Bangers, though, from where I am from are head bangers, the peeps that like their music loud, their hair teased, they carry black leather purses, smoke and wear go go boots... But I like your use of it much better!! Here is to Banging all the rest of your workouts :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know any surfing widows. All the surfers I know who were that hot about it wound up dumping their non-surfing gfs for girls they met surfing.

For some reason I just can't say bang on & mean it :-0.~Mary

Melissa said...

Wow, you are looking for music suggestions too...I'm a little behind the 8-ball ;-)

You are bada** getting up that early. Nice work surfing widow!

Hope your taper is going well. NO here we come. Woopwoop.

Keith said...

If I wasn't going out to dinner with friends fairly soon, I'd be making peanut butter powerballs. Those sound totally scrumptiously awesome.

In some circles women who exchange money for sex are called bangers. No moral statement, but just so you know, in case you get an odd look.

You guys are going to have a blast in New Orleans. Can't wait to read about it. And see the photos.

KK said...

LOL at all these new definitions of bangers and bang on.

And totally true about our husbands being triathlon widows at times. But sometimes I think they prefer it that way (at least mine does, he welcomes the day I'm not yipping in his ear all day...)

Holy guacamole you are disciplined! 4:40? That takes commitment to a whole new level.

If I don't check back before your race, GOOD LUCK or BANG ON or whatever but don't be hangin out with any bangers on bourbon street, that spells trouble!

Sam said...

Tried the PB Powerballs...YUMMMYYYY! Thanks.

Aren't we all widows/widowers at one time or another. This active lifestyle, AIN'T it GREAT!!!

Glad ur having a good time.